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Triathlon shoes

Meet the Chronos Aero and the Worldcup T2!

The new Cadomotus triathlon shoes will make you fly with faster transitions, better energy transmission, and improved running.

In collaboration with athletes and scientists, Cadomotus created two groundbreaking cycling shoes for Olympic and long-distance triathlon. Easy to put on and take off during transitions, they not only offer optimal power transfer to your pedals, but they will even make you run faster!

What kind of magic is this? It’s technology. Developed and improved over more than 25 years, the revolutionary know-how of Cadomodus is for the first time applied to triathlon.

Are you looking for performance, comfort and durability?

Search no more. The Cadomotus triathlon shoes tick all the boxes. A heat moldable boot for a perfect fit and optimal comfort. A unique carbon shell sole for enhanced performance. Microfiber leather upper, highly breathable and moisture absorbing, for durability.

However, the star feature of the Cadomotus triathlon shoes remains their carbon shell sole: 4 times stiffer and 3 millimeters thinner than regular flat carbon soles, the shell brings you closer to your pedals, offers better foot support, and maximizes your power transfer and pedal efficiency.

Solving typical triathlon bike shoe issues

With these shoes, most of your race problems will become a thing of the past.

  1. You didn’t tighten your boots properly at T1, but need to go all out to catch up on the leading group? Problem solved! Even if they are not secured, those shoes fit your feet snug thanks to their carbon shell sole, allowing you to pour out your energy into your pedals unrestrainedly and right away.
  2. You realize that your running is affected after a particularly tough cycling part, and you can't keep up with your usual pace? Problem solved! These shoes improve your cycling efficiency, enabling you to manage your energy better and save your calves and other game-changing muscle groups, keeping them fit as a fiddle for the final run.
  3. You’re looking to reduce your wind resistance while cycling? Challenge was accepted & solved! Your tt-bike, aero helmet, tri suit, or the latest trending pulley wheel system are not the only pieces of equipment that can make a difference in optimizing your CdA (calculated drag area). The Cadomotus triathlon shoes are designed to enhance your wind-resistance performance. With these aerodynamic shoes, power gains are tremendous – 10 Watts or more, according to our wind tunnel and cycling track test results. Indeed, with these low-stack height shoes, the distance between your feet and your pedals is minimal, which makes for better power transfer and efficiency.

Our triathlon cycling shoes will give you wings!

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