Why your credicard declines?
Credit card declines happen when a bank refuses a payment. Two main types are soft declines, which are temporary and may be retried, and hard declines, which are final due to reasons like fraud or insufficient funds.

Common decline codes include:

  • Code 05: Bank's unexplained refusal.
  • Code 14: Wrong card number entered.
  • Code 41: Card reported lost.
  • Code 43: Card reported stolen.
  • Code 51: Not enough funds.
  • Code 54: Card expired.
  • Code 63: Incorrect CVC.
  • Code 65: Credit limit exceeded.

Why cards get declined:

  • Insufficient funds or reached credit limit.
  • Unverified customers. To counter this, use 3D Secure 2.0 (3DS2) for better authentication.
  • Suspicious activities like unusual buying patterns can trigger fraud alerts.
  • Using a canceled or expired card, a common issue for recurring payments.
  • Challenges in cross-border transactions due to different banking systems and regulations.
  • Incorrect payment details like a mismatched billing address.

3D secure 2.0

To minimize declines, understand these causes and consider using advanced authentication methods like 3D Secure 2.0

3DS2 is the umbrella name for each of the Card Schemes’ branded online payment authentication solutions: Visa Secure, Mastercard Identity Check, American Express Safekey, J/Secure for JCB and ProtectBuy for Discover and Diners International. It is an authentication protocol that was designed to reduce fraud, increase customer security and reduce merchant liability to chargebacks.

ChatGPT3D Secure 2.0 (3DS2) is an advanced security protocol for online card transactions. It offers a smoother user experience than its predecessor, often authenticating transactions in the background. Utilizing risk-based authentication, 3DS2 evaluates over 100 data points to determine the risk level of each transaction, allowing low-risk payments to process with minimal user intervention. This approach significantly enhances fraud protection. 3DS2 complies with regulations like the EU’s PSD2, mandating Strong Customer Authentication. It supports a range of devices and modern methods like biometric authentication, aligning enhanced security with user convenience and regulatory compliance.


Athlete sponsorship requests

You are working hard to achieve your goals, and you are hoping we can help you reach them. We are always looking for ambassadors to represent our brand. How can we help each other out?

Please send your sponsorship request to our marketing department. We review applications every quarter. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


What we would like to know about you:

  • What is your goal in sports?
  • Which sport/ discipline do you focus on?
  • What results have you achieved?
  • What races and tournaments will you participate in in the near future?
  • Are you currently sponsored, or do you receive any kind of support? If yes, by whom?
  • How can we help support you towards your personal athletic goal?

Sponsorship to us means partnership, team work. We expect something in return for our support. Results, of course, but not only results.

We are looking for athletes who will contribute to the growth of Cádomotus’s success. In what ways are you an inspiration to your environment? How and where can you represent us as our ambassador, and how will you contribute to us meeting our sales goals? The success of our potential agreement is set by the ways you can support our brand!

Think about:
  • Are you active on social media? How? (Share your links with us.)

  • In what environment (sport and geographic area) are you? Are you a prominent figure and can you influence potential clients?

  • To whom will you introduce our products and how will you contribute to our sales?

Maybe you are not that kind of person. What about:
  • Are you easy-going and good at starting conversations during promotional events?

  • Are you someone who enjoys, and is willing to participate in, photoshoots?

  • Are you a marketing talent, and are you able to help us improve our online display?

  • Do you have a feel for testing new products and giving feedback?

Thank you for thinking along with us. We look forward to reading your request!

Crash-replacement registration

Cádomotus offers Crash Replacement. Because we want to keep working towards a safer sport, but also realize that safety should be affordable and available to everyone. We offer 50% off on a new helmet if you’ve crashed using your Cádomotus helmet. Register online at cadomotus.com within 100 days after you purchased your helmet.

In order to be able to claim your Crash Replacement, send us an email including the following information:

  1. Your Given name and surname
  2. Type of helmet, color and size
  3. Purchase date of your helmet
  4. Cádomotus dealer or online shop where you made the purchase.

Always save your receipt of purchase. If there is dubiety about the provided information, Cádomotus is competent to request proof of purchase. 

Click here to send us an email with the subject: Crash Replacement

Size Charts & Fit
Your Perfect Cádomotus Boot Size

How do I find the right shoe size?

Boot sizing, molding, and fitting

Go directly to size tables:

Maattabel Insole Resizers - Maattabel Rookie One & Two - Maattabel SR2 & NS2 - Maattabel Ci1, Mi2, Versatile-3, Agility-3 - Maattabel Ci1 iD boots - Maattabel voor Balance & Pressure schaatsen - Maattabel Triathlon Chronos & Worldcup T2

Tips in advance

  • Measure both feet from your heel to your toes (follow the instructions in the illustration below). Some people have one foot slightly larger than the other. Choose the size that fits the larger of the two.
  • Consider the socks or tights you’ll wear most often with your boots. For thicker socks, you may want to order boots ½ size larger than you normally wear.
  • Measure your feet in the afternoon when feet tend to be their largest.
  • Add 3mm to your measurement before looking for the right size in the table
  • We advise ordering a ½ size larger if you have extra wide feet.
  • Inline boots should offer a couple of millimeters of extra space at the toes.


  1. Thin pen or ballpoint
  2. 1x A4 paper
  3. Ruler (note from 46 you will need a ruler larger than 30cm or a tape measure)

Measure your feet

  1. Place the A4 paper on the ground with the short side against the wall
  2. Put the first foot on the paper with your heel against the wall
  3. Put a book against the longest toe (usually your big toe)
  4. Now gently remove your foot without moving the book
  5. Now put a line along the book and put a letter R or L by the line
  6. Now repeat steps 2 to 5 with your other foot.
  7. Now measure the length of both stripes and choose the longest result
  8. Add 2-3mm to your measurement before looking for the right size in the table
  9. Add another 2mm to the result for thick socks if necessary
  10. Scroll further down for the right size chart and find the measurement in mm in the right column then you will find the size of the skates in the left column.

How to determine your foot length

Extra wide feet

Standard width

All Cádomotus boots are built on standard fitting lasts. Standard shoe width means an F fitting for men and children and a D for women. The width can be adjusted, broadened, or narrowed, by molding the boots.

One size bigger

If you have wider feet we advise you to buy one size bigger. This always works out fine and does not cause any problems in length.

Width adjustment

Cádomotus boots are heat-moldable to fit perfectly to your feet. The part of the boot that responds the best to molding is the ankle area, which can be widened, narrowed, or even totally reshaped almost without any limitations.

Molding the heel pocket can be sufficient but will have limited effects since the bottom of the shell is extremely rigid and solid, so this part will not deform. However, you can usually widen or narrow the heel part up to 1-2 mm. As for the toe box area and the medial or lateral side of the boot, they can be enlarged up to 2-3 mm.


Sizing charts for the right shoe size

The chart below details the dimensions of all boots and shoes. The width of each boot can be adjusted to fit your feet if they are wider or narrower than the European standard F fitting. In order to do so, please continue reading our heat molding instructions.

Size chart Insole Resizers

Insole Resizers 
 EURO sizeMillimeters
L40 258

Size chart JR2, Rookie One & Two

JR2, Rookie One & Two
EURO sizeMillimeters
40 258

Size chart SR2, NS2

SR2, NS2
EURO sizeMillimeters

Size chart Versatile-3, Agility-3

Versatile-3, Agility-3
EURO sizeMillimeters


Size chart Ci1 boots

Ci1 iD, Ci1 Pro boots
EURO sizeMillimeters

Size chart for Balance & Pressure blades, Pressure boots

Balance/Pressure blades
CentimetersMillimetersEURO size

Size chart Triathlon cycling shoes with carbon shell sole

Triathlon cycling shoes
Millimeters European size


Size chart Triathlon cycling shoes 4E with flat carbon sole

Triathlon cycling shoes
Millimeters European size


Heat molding instructions

How to mold skate boots?

Oven, maximum 80 degrees celsius, 15 minutes

Molding your boots in the oven has several advantages, such as the continuous and controlled overall heating of the boot. If the boots require to be molded in different places (heel and ankle), the oven is your best choice.

However, you should also be aware that there are also some downsides to heating your skating boots in the oven. The parts that you do not necessarily want to mold are being heated too, and you take the risk of deforming these parts unintentionally, for example the carbon sole section. If you apply load on the sole, the carbon could bend or twist and mounting blocks may dealign. During cooling down after heating, do not wait standing up with the boots on your feet, always sit on a chair to avoid that problem.

Another risk of molding your skating boots in the oven is that the glue may not resist the heat and the upper of the boot could detach or misalign from the carbon shell. We strongly recommend not to tighten your laces too much and not to fasten your buckle to avoid damaging your strap. It would be better to use a heat gun to mold the boot around your feet. This should be done at one of the Cádomotus Pro-dealer shops, or at the Cádomotus booth during an event. The 2022 list of events where Cádomotus will be present will be published soon.


Oven for heat molding

  • Continuous and even heating, inside and outside the whole boot
  • Controlled temperature
  • Glue and leather become soft


  • Uncareful handing may cause misalignment of the mount blocks or deformation of sections that you do not want to re-shape


Heat gun boot boot molding


  • Local heating on the desired spot only.
  • Other parts of the boot remain in perfect condition.


  • Risk of burning stitches or leather when keeping heat gun too close to the boot.


Heat gun

Heating with the heat gun has one main pro: it only heats the area that you want to mold, and nothing else! This means you do not have to worry about inadvertently deforming or damaging other parts of the boot. In general, your boot remains in better condition and will last you longer.

Therefore, molding with the heatgun is a better option when you have small pressure points in your boot, like on the inside or outside of your ankle, or at the navicular bone. You can use a ball-and-ring-stretcher to adjust a specific area.

The downside of using a heat gun is that the molding temperature is less easy to control. If you keep the gun too close to the boot, you can easily burn the stitches or the leather. We advise you to move the gun slightly on and around the spot that you want to mold. As soon as the spot becomes soft, you may mold the shell with your hands (wearing gloves) or with a pair of cobbler pliers.

If you need to adjust only one specific area or one spot, then the heat gun is your best choice for molding. When the mid foot and/or toe box area, or the whole counter section, needs molding, then we advise to use the oven.

Please note that every time you heat up the boot, it has a impact on its durability.

Size chart for sports wear and speed suits

We offer sizing guides for our triathlon and speed skating sportswear to help you find the product that will fit you and perform the best for you.

Cadomotus Epic size chart



The right size of your ice blades based on your body height

Use your body height, and not your shoe size, as a starting point to determine the correct length of your blades.

Correlation between foot length and body height
Body height (cm)Scientific foot length (15%)Suggested blade length (in)
143 - 150215 - 22115
151 - 159228 - 23515.5
160 - 168241 - 24816
169 - 176255 - 26116.5
177 - 185268 - 27517
186 - 194281 - 28817.5
195 - 201295 - 30118


Read also our blog:

Boot size & blade length

How to replace the disc dial unit on your shoes

The Cadomotus cycling shoes are equipped with Freelock MPK dials. These dials are known for their fast and secure tightening. Even more important is that they do not lose tension during your ride.

After a crash, for example, it may have happened that the dial got damaged and therefore needs to be replaced. This is fairly easy and quickly done, it doesn’t require any special tooling other than a small screwdriver. In this video we explain how to remove the Freelock MPK Dials.

Please note that there are two types of dials: clockwise closingand counter-clockwise closing, both indicated on the bottom with an RH sign for right-hand closing (clockwise) and LH for left-hand closing (counter-clockwise).

The replacement of the dial in a few steps.

  1. Use a small screwdriver to release the dial
  2. Pull out the wire lace all up to the end
  3. Cut off bot ends of the wire lace
  4. Take the new dial
  5. Rotate the internal mechanism to align both triangular arrows
  6. Stick both ends of the wire cable through the dial, the ends should come out at the opposite side
  7. Make knobs in both cable ends and cut the ends if longer than 5mm
  8. Pull the knobs into the mechanism, pull firmly to settle the knobs into the mechanism
  9. Click the dial into its seat on top of the tongue
Shipping & Delivery
Shipping costs

Shipping costs and taxes for deliveries within the EU
Shipping costs for consumer orders to be shipped to a destination within the EU include 21% VAT and a residential surcharge. Delivery time is usually 1 or 2 days for destinations NL, DE, BE, and LX and may take 2-3 days for all other European destinations excluding extended areas. If products are available, they are shipped within 1-2 working days.

1. Door to Door



Free delivery

Europe (UPS Standard)

0-3 kg

3-10 kg

10-20 kg






> €50





> €75





> €100





> €200





> €250





 > €200

World (UPS Express Saver)

0-3 kg

3-20 kg

20-30 kg

 Free delivery

North America




> €400

Asia, Middle-East, Oceania




> €500

The Americas, South Africa





*listed prices are indicative and estimated based on average weight/volume/fuel & residential surcharges


UPS business days in transit

Days in Transit for EU destinations, delivered to your door with UPS Standard service

Shipping costs and taxes for deliveries outside the EU
Consumer orders to be shipped outside the EU are not subjected to VAT. Please be aware that customs in the country of destination may apply local taxes and import duties including on orders that are shipped FREE of CHARGE. The costs vary in every country and will have to be paid to the local UPS agent. Local taxes and import duties are calculated over the commercial value of the imported goods. Delivery times are estimated from 3 to 7 working days and vary from country to country.

Customers will receive a UPS track-and-trace code by email.

Customs Duty and VAT on returned goods (re-imported) to the EU

Goods re-imported into the European Union (Returned Goods Relief)

You may return your purchased goods to our warehouse in the EU by selecting your own forwarder. Choose a preferred shipping method. Note: the costs for returning a package can vary greatly between services. Returning the products is at your own expense.

Please take notice to prevent paying Customs Duty and VAT on returns from outside the European Union

When the goods are reimported in the EU, proof that the re-imported goods are those which were exported from the EU must be attached to the outside of the parcel and marked ‘Customs Documents’. Proof can be provided in one of two ways:

  • An original or a certified photocopy of the UPS export declaration. Copies of the export declaration must be authenticated by the competent authorities in the exporting EU Member State.
  • Proof that the goods have not been altered, e.g. by way of tracking the import/storage/re-export from your county of those goods, must also be provided.
Return & Refund Guarantee

Customers who intend to send items back must fill in and submit an RMA.
RMA's are processed only when the RMA request is correctly and completely filled and submitted.

Buying Protection

All products on cadomotus.com have a 100-Day Return & Refund guarantee. We are convinced that our equipment will take you to another level, make you go faster and further than most athletes will ever experience. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied, let us know within 100 days. Once we give you the authorization to return the product, hand it back to the courier of your choice. Return shipping is at your cost.

The following situations are not included:
  • You claim an item is not as described, but Cádomotus can prove that it is.
  • Items are as described, but you decide you don't not to want them anymore after the 100-day trial period has expired.
  • You claim the order has not been delivered, but Cádomotus can prove that it has.
  • In the case of purchase of "custom" products, considering the characteristics of uniqueness and craftsmanship of the same. 

Return policy for consumer purchases on www.cadomotus.com

You are entitled to return the purchased product, without stating a reason, within 100 days after the delivery date by UPS.
(*) Some restrictions apply.

  1. You must return the items delivered in their original condition and request an RMA (click Return item(s) in your account).
  2. Wait for approval of the RMA. You will be notified in the Dashboard of your account and by email.
  3. Include a printout of the RMA in the return package (you will find a download link in the email)
  4. Ship the products in their original packaging to:
    Minc Fulfilment BV | Cadomotus Warehouse
    Oude Berghuizerweg 30
    7336 AW in Apeldoorn
    The Nederlands
    +31 (0)55 534 3003
  5. Choose a preferred shipping method. Note: the costs for returning a package can vary greatly between services. Returning the products is at your own expense.
  6. In case you return a product from a country outside of the European Union, please be aware that any import taxes or duties that will be invoiced to Cádomotus by the Dutch authorities in order to accept the returned package will be deducted from your refund. Read this on how to prevent it.
  7. Save your return shipping receipt.

Within 14 days after reception of the returned products, the purchase price including the shipping costs will be refunded (the shipping costs will only be reimbursed if the complete shipment is returned). The return shipping costs are at the consumer’s expense, with the exception of guarantees.


*1 Customized and personalized iD products (e.g. Ci 1 iD boots, Embroidered Airflow bag) are made for you only, they are not returnable
*2 Return new and unused items, and if possible, the packaging with proof of purchase for a full refund.
*3 If items are used and you are not satisfied with the quality you can contact us to resolve these problems. Just request an RMA as described below. You will then be able to request a full refund and return the item, or keep the item and agree on a partial refund.

Return policy for business accounts (purchases on b2b.cadomotus.com)
Resellers who intent to send items back should fill in the online RMA request first. RMA's are processed only when the RMA request form is correctly and completely filled in.


Insert a copy of the original sales receipt to the customer as proof of date of purchase from an authorized reseller. A list of authorized European resellers can be found here, worldwide dealers are listed here. Cádomotus reserves the right to distinguish between defect and normal wear-and-tear on a product.


Customers who would like to exchange an item for a different one can simply place another order for the desired item and return the faulty item to us within 14 days. Notify us about the exchange by emailing [email protected], stating your name and the original order number.

Sales & distribution
Dealer Application

✓ Do you own a sports store or distribution company?
✓ Are you looking for a sports brand that offers great support & reliable service?
✓ Do you prefer high quality products that stand out for their innovative concepts?

Apply now for a Cádomotus dealership!

Send us an email to request an opportunity to strengthen our dealer network. Please include the following information in your email:

  • Your business description: area of expertise, scope of your business. What other speed skating or cycling products and brands do you sell or represent?
  • How are your sales organized? Do you sell to shops, to coaches, directly to consumers, or other?
  • What specific products are you interested in buying from us?
  • How large is the market for our products in your region or country (in terms of money or quantities)?
  • What marketing activities do you plan to organize in order to inform your customers about Cádomotus and our products?
  • The name of your company, address, phone no., mobile no.

Also please note that, according to our company policy, your first order should be a minimum of €2.500. This rule is made to protect our Authorized dealers and distributors from consumers acting as retailers, who would buy in bulk for their own family or friends. This first order must include products from different categories in our catalog – i.e. not just inline wheels for example. Cádomotus is a brand with a wide variety of gear like speed skates, bags, helmets, and racewear. We want our dealers and distributors to represent us in our diversity.

You can pay via bank wire transfer, credit card, PayPal, or many other options that we offer.
We offer shipping with UPS against good rates, but you can always choose to arrange pickup by your own forwarder.
We offer an industry-standard profit to our resellers with the option for extra discounts.
These discounts depend on several facts such as your forecasted sales or annual turnover and your business plan including marketing activities how to promote our products. Please inform us when you have any business plan or sales forecast so we can consider rewarding you with higher discounts.
We look forward to your email containing all the necessary information.
Find your nearest Cádomotus dealer
Contact information
  • Rondweg 60E
  • 8091XK, Wezep
  • Netherlands
  • COC number: 0815 1647
  • TAX/VAT Number: NL817072603B01
  • Bank: ING BANK N.V.
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