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That advantage that top gear gives too performers

A new collection of race bags

The new triathlon bag collection consists of four models: the Airflow 2.0 for daily training, the weatherproof Versatile 2.0 that you carry with you during the race, for travel the handy Hybrid Transition Trolley that can just as easily be carried on your back and for the big stuff the World Cup Race Day Bag that you can put everything in. Because every athlete is different and for a multi-day sporting event you may want to use a different bag than for the daily trip to your track.

With an origin in another sport, we look at a different angle and are able to create truly innovative product.


The Omega is the fastest Aero helmet for triathlon

The Omega bicycle helmet is an aerodynamic bicycle helmet suitable for time trials and triathlons! A time trial helmet that is officially approved with beautiful aerodynamic lines. The Omega bicycle helmet is a well-ventilated helmet that is also very popular in triathlon due to the integrated visor. This is simply attached with 3 strong magnets and can be placed on the helmet upside down while keeping its aerodynamic lines. With the visor in this stowed position, its easy and quick to put the helmet on and take off. This can save significant time during the transition because the stumble with a triathlon helmet with fixed visor is prevented. The detachable visor of this triathlon helmet also offers the possibility to splash water in your face during warm summer conditions.

1. Aerodynamic lines and lightweight
2. Faster transitions thanks to the magnetic visor and magnetic buckle closure
3. Great for athletes with regular spectacles (they can wear the visor over their prescription glasses)
4. More ventilation due to the large vents, keeping your body temperature stable and bugs out
5. Crash Replacement Policy

"The magnetic attached lenses offer you the possibility to save at least 10 seconds in t1 and t2"
- Koen de Leeuw