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Our Story

23 Feb 2020

Our legacy forged of steel and ice

Cádomotus, pronounce “Kä-dō-Mō-tŭs", our name refers to the 'falling motion of the body' and the name, like our company, represents our classical, science-based approach to the speed of intelligent motion. Cádomotus rose to design engineering eminence as the pure speed skating company. The falling motion of the body is the essence of skating in its purest form. To capture the essence of athletic evolution and infuse it in everything we do is what drives us to continually innovate in the name of progression. We’re forever falling-forward, pushing limits, maintaining optimal balance, focusing on fashioning top of the line performance solutions that enhance your win.

Our commitment runs deep and true like the fire that fuels you

From pure speed skating roots, we are the designers of high-performance helmets, gear bags, performance apparel and high-end endurance speed skating technologies that have helped athletes at all levels own the podium world-wide since 1990. The speed-minded design team at Cádomotus has been behind radical departures from tradition that bring continuous improvements to highly refined and precision engineered gear. Our own experience-based concepts: skaters and designers who have turned concepts into world record-breaking vehicles powered by the human body. We innovate, never imitate, because it’s our mission to propel speed and endurance sports forward, not cash-in or cash-out on elite athletes for the sake of commerce. Our patented advancements have raised the bar for speed and design performance, having helped athletes tame the track they compete on, on their own terms. With Cádomotus we seize every opportunity to do things differently, to employ and make industry of all our 'ideals'. We are born, baptized, bathed and brought forward by the concepts of intelligent motion design.

Our purpose is to achieve your desired outcome

Endurance sports. Speed sports. Pure competition. Ultimate effort. Perfect performance. Podium placements. Personal bests. Athletic achievement. When the difference between first and the rest comes down to your ability to harness top speed and aerodynamic efficiency easier than your nearest competitor, Cádomotus technologies are there to make you faster, lighter, cooler and give you that advantage that top gear gives too performers. You play to win. Winners play with us.

Our passion is the pursuit of perfection

At Cádomotus, our priority is to help athletes on their personal path to perfection, if that’s aiding professional athletes in breaking a record and going home with hardware, or impelling athletes like the rest of us to set a new PBR, compete in their first skate marathon, win their first triathlon or Ironman, or to just live a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Our hallmark is design intelligence

Our products blend our years of intelligent motion design engineering in form and function with style that defines your personal brand, giving you the performance technology you need and the look that tells the world you play for keeps. Our products - our racing helmets, wet/dry active gear bags, cooling and supporting athletic apparel and specialized speed equipment are forged with a proud nordic tradition for precision, top quality, rugged endurance and stand-out performance for many of the world’s most masterful competitors and ardent amateurs.

Our shared need to succeed

Our gear propels the next generation competitor to their personal performance best. With Cádomotus, athletes live the satisfaction of progression in their chosen sport knowing they are equipped to leave everything on the course, every race. Our products deliver maximum return for your efforts, optimizing athletic efficiency, being made from the lightest, most durable, reliable,  and ruggedly dependable materials and to the most exacting European standards. Cádomotus is geared for your success. 

Cádomotus: Intelligent Motion