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Peter Michael: dualbox-6 is a dream come true

13 Aug 2020
by Peter Michael
Hey everyone, I am Peter Michael. I was born in New Zealand and I am a multiple World Champion Inline Speedskating. I won eight titles at the world inline skating championships.
I am competing in ice speed skating since 2016 and would like to win an Olympic medal.
Peter Michael multi world champion
Thanks to my experience in inline, Cádomotus asked me to test their newest inline frames: the 6th generation dual box inline frame. Not a regular inline frame, because this is the first true inline racing frame that takes four 110mm or three 125mm wheels as well. I was anxious to try it, because I always was a fan of the stiffer frames. The dual box frames have no cross bridges, so would they be stiff enough?

Changing inline frames for a marathon

At Championships (or Europacups) we skate on 110mm wheels for the track and 125mm for road races. Every time I wanted to change wheels from 110mm to 125mm I had to change my frame. This bothered me as I like my frame to be in the exact same position every time. For a while, I had two sets of skates going with both setups. But this started to become a problem when traveling. Sometimes I can only carry hand luggage or take just one piece of luggage with max 23kg 
I was initially scared to try the dualbox-6 because of the extra holes on the side to mount the wheels. I thought this would weaken and make the frame more flexible. But it has been a very good decision to use it as the frame is as stiff as any with the technology of the Dualbox®. 

Dualbox frames keep their stiffness

Now by using the dualbox-6 I have access to my 125mm or my 110mm with the stiffness that I like in my frames. It has meant I can now focus more on the actual skating and not having to worry about changing my frame set up every session I change wheels because it's not exactly on the same mark. I have tried and test the dualbox-6 under all conditions but for you to really understand how good the dream is I suggest you go and pick one up for yourself. You will directly start to benefit.
Cadomotus dualbox 2-in-1 inline frame