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Full face lenses with refraction correction and Revo® blue coating

28 Dec 2022
by Chloé Seyres

The Cádomotus Aero helmets are equipped with an integrated visor — amongst, of course, all the specific features you expect in such a high-quality protective headgear. Our Omega and Sigma models are both all-in-one helmets with goggles. The wide majority of athletes wear glasses to prevent teary eyes at high speeds, particularly in bright sunny days or in very cold conditions. With regular glasses, indeed, you can see more details. But with these special glasses? You’re in for a ride!


Specific Conditions

What is so special about glasses for speed skating? They are designed to meet your athletic needs, and they take into account the various specific conditions you encounter while skating when speeds are high and everything flies past your eyes. For example, if you are used to skating indoors, you are exposed to a lot of white light in rinks; or if you skate outdoors on a cloudy day, natural ice gives off a lot of glare and lens flare.

Those are conditions that will hamper your vision and your line of sight unless you have the appropriate glasses!


Revo Blue Coating: The Contrast Booster

Skynight, Skyfall and Skylight, three of the four SKY magnetic lenses equipping the Cádomotus Aero Speed helmets, are treated with the Revo Blue coating* and offer UV4000 protection, blocking UVA and UVB radiations. This special metal oxide coating gives the lens-specific properties, depending on the circumstances in which the lens has to perform.

The Revo Blue filter is a distinctive feature of the SKY lenses. It is not only specifically designed to offer maximum glare protection, but also to enhance contrast and accuracy in horizontal white light conditions, such as in indoor ice rinks, as well as when moving at high speeds.

Not only do they prevent glares and flares, the SKY lenses also optimize your vision, alleviate some eye strain and allow you to focus on your performance.

Red Revo lenses

*The Skyred lens is treated with Revo red coating.

Skyfall Lens: The Ultimate Vision Protector and Enhancer

A yellow lens with Revo blue coating, the Skyfall lens has the perfect combination to be the ultimate eye protector and vision enhancer for skaters. Indeed, while its filter greatly decreases reflection, its yellow tint increases color contrast. Meaning that, on top of preventing you from being blinded by glare (reflected from ice), it also protects you from harmful bandwidths of light, including blue light, and optimizes the full spectrum of light for superior vision, which allows your eyes to maintain perfect focus when you skate at high speeds. This lens is “in for the win!”


SKY Collection: Aerodynamic and Easy-to-Use Designs

The four SKY lens models are designed to fit the Cádomotus Omega helmet, as well as to follow the aerodynamic lines of your skate posture and form. The goggles attach to your helmet with magnets placed at the front of it, along your forehead. In addition to offering you optimal eye protection and piercing sight, the lenses are also easy to use. You can put them on and take them off in a flash, all it takes is one magnetic click!

filtering the blue light

The Unwanted Effect of Wraparound Glasses: Bended light…

With the advent of the wraparound sunglasses style, lenses started to adopt a more cylindrical shape in order to cover your whole face. This curved design led to an unwanted effect: bent light rays!

Indeed, when passing through a curved lens, light is displaced from its normal course. This course change is what we call REFRACTION. When light reaches your eyes in a distorted, bent way, your sense of surroundings is altered and you lose depth perception – that is to say, it changes your perception of where the objects in your field of vision really are. As an example, think of the warning message on the rearview mirror of your car.

If you have ever worn cheap wraparound glasses, you may have noticed that things seemed off. Indeed, lower-priced glasses deceive your eyes and trick them into believing that an object is in a different location. Because of the poor shape of their prism, refraction is left uncorrected, and light rays reach your retinas at a bent angle. As a consequence, when you wear those glasses, your eyes overcompensate. They work harder to focus and readjust, even in good weather – and let’s not forget they will also have to recalibrate once you take those glasses off!

Of course, your eyes will make the correction and deliver a clear image to your brain, but research results speak for themselves: eyestrain, headaches, and even sometimes eye damage after prolonged use. These conditions are not only detrimental to good performance, they also make you more prone to accidents and crashes.

Note: Prism lenses are special lenses that are prescribed by eye doctors in order to improve eye alignment. If you do not have a vision condition that requires this treatment, it is not recommended to wear such lenses. You can easily test if you have prism lenses by looking at an object with and without your glasses, and see if the image through the lens is deformed.

Aero helmet with full face visor

…And How to Bend Light Back With Tapered Lenses!

Solving the three-dimensional problem of unwanted effects generated by a prism lens requires complex calculations, but there is a solution. How to make the distorted light waves come out of the lens at the same angle they initially hit it? Bend them back directly within the lens, by shaping the lens in a specific way in order to redirect the light.

To correct the prismatic effect, the OPTICAL CENTER of the lens has to be moved to be directly in front of your eye. The optical center is the point at which light rays can pass with no deviation. Moving it is called DECENTRATION.

For wraparound glasses, new technology has been developed with TAPERED LENSES, which straightens out the incoming light rays by gradually narrowing the lens from the optical center toward the peripheral view. With this technique, the prism effect is corrected directly by the lens, saving your eyes from doing the job of readjusting. As a result, your eyes are less tired and can remain focused and sharp, which is obviously extremely important when you exercise or skate!

The wraparound SKY lenses equipping the Omega skate helmets are all tapered. They follow the shape of your head for optimal comfort and perfect field of view, and they are decentered for maximum peripheral vision, despite their extreme curve.


The SKY lenses “Have It All Covered”

  • Design-wise, not only do the SKY lenses flawlessly adjust to your helmet and your skating posture, they also magnetically clip on and off in a flash.
  • For optimal visual field coverage, they have a wraparound shape and are obviously tapered and decentered for a perfect rendition of your environment.
  • For ultimate eye protection against glare – which is a necessity in any icy and snowy environment – they are treated with a high-quality versatile Revo coating.
  • This advanced and versatile technology not only protects your eyes from glare and harmful radiation, it also enhances your vision by boosting contrasts, accuracy and colors for extra eye comfort and, as a result, give you all the physical and mental room to focus on your skating.

The SKY lenses of our Cadomotus Aero Helmets are another great example of our “intelligence in motion” motto. The Sky lenses are high-performance and optimally designed tapered wraparound lenses. They have a lot of titles to their name, and they are more than deserved: from your field of vision to your comfort and performance, the SKY collection has it all covered!