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Integrated HD lenses for Omega Aerospeed | SKY


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The Cádo Motus Omega skate helmet has - besides all the specific characteristics you expect in protective head gear – an integrated HD visor. Omega is a helmet and goggles all in one. Nearly all skaters wear glasses to prevent eyes tears at high speeds, particularly those on skating on natural ice whose tears tend to freeze! If you wear glasses, you use them to see more detail. But these glasses, they give you something extra.

Integrated HD lenses for Omega Aerospeed | SKY is available for purchase in increments of 1


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The Cádo Motus Omega speed skate helmet is designed in combination with the Aero Speed lenses. Their precise fit follows the aerodynamic lines of the skate posture and form. The lenses magnetically attach to the helmet, fixed around your forehead. In addition to a clear view, it’s also a snap to change out or take off completely.


High Definition SKY lenses are tapered and correct the prism effect.


Cádo Motus SKY lenses offer 100% optical clarity.
Cádo Motus SKY lenses offer a more accurate vision.
Cádo Motus SKY lenses offer a wider field of vision.


The available options:

  1. Skynight. A neutral, clear lens with Blue Revo ® for glare reduction.
  2. Skyfall. A yellow lens with Blue Revo ® coating for increased contrast and glare reduction. Suitable for indoor ice rinks, in white light, and misty conditions.
  3. Skylight. A lens with a dark gray tint for lower contrast and eye protection in bright light, with Blue Revo ® for glare reduction.
  4. Skyred. A lens with dark gray tint for higher contrast and eye protection in bright light, with Red Revo ® for glare reduction.

The lenses are EN 166 and EN 174 tested by world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company SGS. EN 174 is a test for goggles which are used for eye-protection during downhill skiing

All SKY lenses offer UV400 Protection. That means that the glasses protect your eyes from both UVA and UVB radiation.

Read more about polarization, lens curves or revo coatings on our blog.

Additional Information

Product weight (g) 30
Integrated Visor Yes | Magnetic snap-on/off
Lens Certification CE, EN166, EN174
Lens Coating Revo®
Prisma Correction Yes
Polarisation No


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Customer Reviews

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    Visor in triathlon
    Review by Donaldon 5/8/2019
    When the weather is nice and the sun is shining, I don't race with a visor. I do if it is cloudy or worse. It is simply a question whether I want to run with sunglasses or not. If this is not the case, it saves a lot in t1 to put the omega on including the visor at once. As a result, after the mount line you just only need to do tighten the cycling shoes and go! The visor snaps on with 3 magnets so it is easy to "fold up". The visor itself is of very high quality, so visibility, contrast-enhancing lenses is perfect, especially in rain I find riding with a visor really a solution. Your vision is just a lot better and your eyes are much better protected. Personally, I also like having the option in triathlons to have "something" in front of my eyes while cycling, but not having to think about the sunglasses in your case in the second transition zone. That is why it is great that this is an option with the omega, because the visors are simply sold separately. So if you don't like it, it's no problem.
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    The darkest version could be darker for very sunny days.
    Review by Lentenon 12/15/2017
    The lens leads the wind aside the head in such a way that it seems to disappear over the ears. I therefore experience peace in my head. The lens is made out of one piece and therefore the field of view is large and without disturbance and you have super vision. The darkest version could be darker for very sunny days.