Stefano Mareschi beats world champion Alexis Contin

20-year old Stefano Mareschi from Santi Marinello in Italy is a second year senior, dreaming to become a senior World Champion. Last year at the World Championships, he already took a silver, in his first year among the big guns.

This year he is part of the new Cádomotus-Mariani team, together with Guiseppe Bramante (IT), Timothy Loubineaud (FR), Crispijn Ariëns (NL) and Darren de Souza (FR).

3 junior and 2 senior Italian titles
3 bronze, 9 silver and 5 gold medals at junior European Championships
2 bronze and 2 silver at junior World Championships
Silver medal at the World Championships in Taiwan – senior category.

Stefano Mareschi in 10 quotes, about his promising career.

I search to became one of the greatest skaters in the senior, like I was in junior, but there are a lot of strong skaters. So I'm training hard to become it.

The Cádomotus-Mariani team is great. I love the idea that we are already strong but still very young. We have a lot of time to start winning races and become the strongest team.

The best thing of inline skating is that you go our of the ordinary life, meet people from other country’s and learn from each other.

When I skate I don’t see anything. My mind is totally focussed on skating. I see myself and my competitors. Everything else disappears.

Mareschi crashed on the 2nd day in the Trois Piste Europacup

My dream is to win the World Championship. I was near, last year in Taiwan, but I still haven't won it.

I have seen Zangarini, Presti, Romani, Amabili and Francolini. They’re great, I’ve never even thought I possibly could be one of their successors.

Massimiliano Presti is probably my biggest hero. Because he won so much, because he had a great team, but especially because he was not only strong, but also very smart.

Skating in the team with one of my biggest competitors (Timothy) is great. We had a lot of intens fights in races, but we respect each other a lot.

Racing in a team with big competitors at European and World Championships is really good, because if we skate like a team, we can be competitive against the other top teams.

You think I am the next champion? Fabio Franconlin and Alexis Contin wrote pages of roller speed skating history. They are big champions, they won everything. I think that I can beat them once, yes, but their careers are hard to beat.

Stefano Mareschi attacks in the points race in Heerde (Europacup)

* Stefano Mareschi and Giuseppe Bramanta are in the World team thanks to an alliance with Davide Mariani

Mareschi breaks away with Loubineaud