Which cycling disciplines are these shoes best for?

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Which cycling disciplines are these shoes best for?

These types of shoes are very widely used in track cycling for a good reason: they are the link enabling your bike to become the extension of your body. You feel everything under your feet, and your power transfer becomes as efficient as can be. Track races are relatively short and explosive compared to road cycling. The track is one of cycling’s most demanding disciplines; this is where the strongest riders in the world put out the highest watts. The floor is fast and smooth, and all the conditions are controlled because it takes place indoors.

If you spend 4-8 hours every day outside on the bike, you need a certain level of comfort to keep up with your training. Some days are hot, others are cold; Some roads are smooth, and others are rough. This is why many road cyclists prefer shoes with a more flexible counter.

In triathlon, on the other hand, we are talking about 4-5 hours for an Ironman or less than an hour for a Worldcup sprint race. If you want to be as fast and efficient as you can be on those races, then carbon shell sole shoes are your best choice.

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