Inline Speed Skating, from Rookie to Pro

Inline Speed Skates for al levels

Cádomotus skates for all levels and conditions

Are you going to buy inline speedskates and are you looking for quality skates with a good fit? At Cádomotus you will find everything you need for inline skating. Complete skates to take the next step in your career. Top quality, good service and direct delivery of your skates.

Cádomotus develops and sells inline skates for people who are just starting to learn the basics up to the most professional skaters competing at World Championships. Inline skates for kids to professional inline speed skates for masters.

A skate with 3 or 4 wheels?

Every person is unique. Everyone has different ambitions, talents and technique. Cádomotus offers a suitable skate for everyone. 3x 125mm and 4x 110mm wheels for the strong and competitive skaters, 100mm set-ups for juniors and women, and 3 wheel sets with 90mm for the smallest skaters. They can get used to the bigger wheels, but keep practicing their agility and technique with light weight skates that can assist them on their road to becoming a champion.

All Cádomotus skates are build from the philosophy of an elite skater. Skaters with a competitive attitude will benefit from that too. We almost always are able to deliver from stock, at competitive prices and with free shipping.

What do you need to skate faster?

1. The perfect fit of a skate boot. A boot must form to your foot so that you get a feeling for what you are doing. This gives you control over your skating stroke and makes you more stable.
2. A set-up of wheels that suits you. Three wheels of 125 millimeters, as is the trend now among world champions, or smaller wheels for more stability to begin with. And when you have mastered that, you can sit deeper, use more power and start skating faster.

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Our 100-day guarantee

We are sure that our equipment will take you to another level, going faster and further than most will ever know. If for whatever reason, you’re not happy, let us know within 100 days. We will send you a shipping label and refund you in full for your purchase.