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Top triathlete Niek Heldoorn and Cádomotus partnering up: 'Triathlon is more than just a sport'

15 Jan 2024

He is considered the biggest long-distance talent in the Netherlands and wants only the best to reach the absolute top. This is exactly why pro triathlete Niek Heldoorn (24) will collaborate with Cadomotus for the next three years. "What motivated my choice for Cadomotus was the quality of the carbon sole, the aerodynamics and the support the shoes offer during long rides"


. A good collaboration requires involvement from both sides, and that is certainly true for Niek Heldoorn and Cadomotus. Right after their first meeting at the Embrunman, Niek put his knowledge and experience to use testing the new Chronos cycling shoes. The basis for a strong partnership was established then and there. For Niek, it is therefore very easy to explain why he chooses Cadomotus for the upcoming years. "Triathlon is more than just a sport for me; it is a passion that forces me to make well-considered choices when it comes to my equipment. While cycling, every watt counts and efficiency saves minutes." ”

Niek Heldoorn with the owner of Cádomotus, Diederik Hol, in Embrun

Owner of Cádomotus Diederik Hol and Niek Heldoorn at the Embrunman in 2023

Quality of the Carbon Shell-Sole

The many benefits provided by the Chronos were obvious to Niek as soon as the testing phase, which convinced him that these shoes would help him evolve as an athlete, and for very specific reasons: "Choosing the Cadomotus cycling shoes with a high-quality carbon sole was one of the most crucial decisions I’ve made. This choice was motivated by the quality of the carbon shell sole, as well as the aerodynamics and the support these shoes provide during long rides. The carbon sole is the beating heart of these cycling shoes. I chose this particular type of sole because I was looking for maximum efficiency. The carbon sole ensures the most direct transfer of power to the pedals at every stroke. This translates not only into higher wattage, but also into improved energy transfer, which is a huge time saver on long distances. The other pivotal aspects for me is the support I get from my cycling shoes during long rides. With a distance of 180 km ahead, it is essential that my feet are optimally supported."The enhanced foot support provided by Cadomotus shoes was recently demonstrated by German research institute geBiomized.

An aerodynamic cycle shoe with competitive features for the run

That combination of a good footbed coupled with a stiff carbon sole allows Heldoorn to perform better, and not only on the bike, but also afterwards during the run! "The Chronos ensures a stable and comfortable position for my feet, which feel noticeably fresher and less tired as a result. And this is a significant advantage during the transition to running." On his quest for comfort and optimal performance, Niek ultimately opted for the Chronos cycling shoes. He explains that he also took into consideration the benefits of a low-profile shoe: "During an Ironman, where every second counts, even the smallest improvement in aerodynamics can make a significant difference. The streamlined design of the Cadomotus cycling shoes minimizes drag, allowing me to cut through the wind with greater ease and speed."

 “The quality of the carbon sole ensures efficiency, the aerodynamic profile improves my speed, and the excellent support makes long rides and the transition to running more enjoyable,"he concludes as a summary."For me, these cycling shoes are the perfect combination of technology and comfort, allowing me to start my races with confidence."


Close-up on Niek Heldoorn – The least to say is that the young athlete came in the triathlon world like a wrecking ball: after taking the win in 2022 at his second triathlon, the legendary Embrunman, he became vice European long-distance champion a month later in Almere, seized the Dutch title and touched the 8-hour mark for the first time. He continued his streak in 2023, getting silver at the Ironman Lanzarote, and ranking 15th at the World ironman championchip in Nice


Cadomotus likes to let achievements speak for themselves. Last year, Valentin Wernz (GER) and Jamie Riddle (ZAF), among others, had their first successes in World Cup and WTS races using Cadomotus' Worldcup triathlon shoes. Pro athletes Niek Heldoorn, Vice European Champion Marlene de Boer and several members of the BMC triathlon team, also chose Cadomotus' aerodynamic Chronos triathlon shoes. And it doesn’t stop there for Cadomotus: since 2022 we have been partners with the prestigious DATEV Challenge Roth and the Alpe duez;Huez Triathlon. In 2024 we will continue to do so, and we will also become official bag partners with the Challenge Family, a series of world-class triathlon events.