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The difference between hi-lo and 4x110 setups

23 Sep 2011

What are the differences between Hi-lo skates (3x110+100) and 4x110 skates?

Hi-lo setups
... have lower decks and are closed to the ground
... can have shorter frames like 12.4 or 12.8"
... are lightweight
... save your energy

4x110mm setups
... have an extra large wheel (WHEEL SIZE A in the picture below)
... have higher and longer frames
... weight more
... require more power

FACT: WHEEL B (see the picture below) determines the minimum possible DECK HEIGHT, DECK HEIGHT effects your stability.

These differences result in:

For hi-lo setups
... more stability
... better manouvrability
... skating with a higher stroke frequency
... easy to accelerate up to 30km/h

For 4x110 setups
... higher top speed
... more easy acceleration from 30km/h up to 40-50km/h
... longer stroke and lower frequency
... more tension around the ankle

FACT: Your acceleration potential is determined by the wheel size and the FRAME LENGTH, as is your manouvrability.

Hi-lo skates are most versatile and best for all levels of skating, especially for:
... lightweight skaters
... short courses with many corners

4x110 Skates are the best choice for strong skaters and well trained athletes, especially for:
... fast races on good pavement
... skating in a peloton

FACT: Stroke frequency and rhythm are effected by FRAME LENGTH and HEIGHT.