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Soft Flask Sport Bottle for Inline Skaters

6 Jul 2018

Stay hydrated! Could you use some cooling off during your skates or any other sporting activity during the long hot summer days? It is no longer necessary to be fussing with hard plastic bottles or PET bottles. Cádomotus has created a new kind of sport bottle that is soft, foldable, and easy to carry in your skinsuit. This Soft Flask by Cádomotus will be for sale starting June 2018. Here are a few reasons why this Soft Flask is so useful.

".. the handling of bottles or carrying them along the side is not always good"

To start off, it is super important to consistently stay hydrated throughout your workouts and to keep drinking fluids at all times. During the Dutch Inline Marathon Championship in 2018, the temperature rose to 80°F. We were then forced to hand out water bottles along the course because it is very important for the athletes to keep their water levels high during such a long grueling race. If an athlete doesn't constantly hydrate, the energy management can be disrupted, leading to early muscle fatigue. How much water you need during a race or training skates depends on several factors including the outside temperature, the duration of your training, and the intensity of the effort.

“A typical bottle is usually large and stiff and is not convenient to carry in your back pocket."

To add on, dealing with carrying bottles or cans along with you is not always good… timing is key! I always find it quite difficult to grab bottles from trainers or coaches because you often end up dropping it. It may be that the pace is very high, or that you are handling something while someone else is trying to drive away or that you are on the wrong side of the pack. At high speeds, it is very easy to misunderstand and hard communicate with your coaches handing you off the water which could leave you in absence of the essential hydration you need. In addition to the national inline competition, Loesanne van der Geest and I also race regional marathons on skates. Once on a hot afternoon, I tried to grab a bottle from a sponsor who happened to be watching and I accidentally hit it out of his hands. Successfully grabbing and receiving water bottles is an art in itself ;).If you do not have anyone to supply you during your races or if you are out training alone, you do not want to take any risks. This Soft Flask by Cádomotus is ideal! This Soft Flask holds 250 ml of water or sports nutrition. It is easy and comfortable to carry during a skate because it is flexible and adapts to the shape of the body. A typical water bottle is usually large and stiff which is not nearly as comfortable. The silicone mouthpiece of the Soft Flask is leak proof because you have to bite it to allow the liquid to come out. I will definitely use this Soft Flask more often during my trainings and competitions!