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Mixing inline racing wheels

15 Sep 2011

How to mix wheels for added performance?

Pro speed skaters are often seen with more than one type or color of wheel on their skates, trying to get the maximum performance from their skates in race conditions. A little know-how will help you get more out of your skates when you’re next assessing a race course.

Marathon inline skating
Need: Roll, Rebound, Durability
Start with: Black Magic EX-FIRM

With a full set of wheels like the Black Magic EX-FIRM, you have a lot of roll. The Black Magic offers all-conditions grip – meaning you won’t get caught on the wrong wheel if there is some rain during the race, and the highest durability of all MPC wheels – so you won’t experience wear issues (like loss of grip as the wheel degrades) mid-race.

Storm Surge if you wanted some more insurance against the rain – place two Storm Surge wheels at the front and rear positions of each skate. That will keep your skate pointed where you want to go, even on wet asphalt.

The Black Magic is an aggressively-tracking wheel – meaning you’ll get traction and push whenever you apply pressure to your skate. If you like added freedom, so your skates go from edge-to-edge more easily – place two Black Magic FIRM wheels either at the front and rear positions (for skaters with high natural stroke tempo), or at the 2nd and 3rd wheel (for skaters with lower stroke rates).

Road (Circuit) skating
Need: Roll, Grip, Durability
Start with: Black Magic FIRM

With a complete set of Black Magic FIRM wheels you get great roll and a lot of grip. Black Magic FIRM are perfect for road circuits because the wheel provides grip at any speed, on any corner size, at any stroke (or push) pressure – meaning you get great push-off from even the most relaxed strokes.

Added Roll
For added roll, mix in a Black Magic EX-FIRM or two. To maintain the FIRM ‘feel’, place the Black Magic EX-FIRM wheels in the 2nd and 3rd wheel positions.

Track skating
Most important: Grip, Durability, Acceleration
Start with: Black Magic FIRM

Starting with the Black Magic FIRM, you’ve got a wheel that lets you skate tighter, harder, than any other wheel available. Black Magic FIRM offers great push return also – so whether you’re sprinting around the corner at 100%, or drafting at 70%, you’ll get great grip and push – right to the end of your stroke.

Added durability
If temperature and track surface are proving to be particularly abrasive, and you’ve got a long race ahead – you can add durability with either the Black Magic EX-FIRM. Mix them wherever your wheels get the most wear.

Added roll
If grip levels on the track are good, you might consider switching altogether for a complete set of Black Magic EX-FIRM. On a track offering it some grip, the Black Magic EX-FIRM should have more speed than just about any wheel out there.