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Jamie Riddle - professional triathlete - about the Cádomotus Sigma helmet

1 May 2020
by Jamie Riddle

Jamie Riddle professional triathlete

My name is Jamie Riddle, a 19-year-old professional triathlete based in Stellenbosch South Africa. Fuelled by the fear of being average, driven by the will to win and skilled by many hours of hard work. Triathlon is a way of life. It is a zone where peoples opinions don’t matter. It’s just you, your body and the rhythm that you choose to create. I seek pain, embrace it and overcome it daily. It’s a mind-challenging experience that I have fallen in love with from a very young age.

Finding the right gear for the right price

So, as athletes, we are endlessly seeking to find products that meet our high expectations. We are training every day and need to make use of brands that allow us to look and feel fast. Therefore there are a few ingredients that I concluded would make up the perfect helmet. Simply put - speed, style and comfort are the core factors to a great and effective product. Easy right? Well, yes, BUT here is the catch - PRICING. Let’s be honest, triathlon and cycling is already so expensive, it may even seem you have a hole in your wallet! I felt the same. Why can I not find the perfect product for the perfect price?

Defining my needs

For years I had been in an endless search for a helmet to match my needs. What are my needs do you ask? Well it's simple. 

    1. Firstly, I need to be comfortable. I will be riding, on average, 10-15 hours a week. There should be no irritations, no cutting, no rashes. My helmet should fit like a glove.
    2. Ventilation. South Africa is hot. The cooler my head can remain, the less energy I will use to keep my temperature constant
    3. Aerodynamic. No one likes to be slowed down. My helmet should be fast. 
    4. Lightweight. I train all day, eat the best food, so why on earth would I invest in a heavy helmet!? Never. Lighter = better
    5. Stylish. We all know the rule “LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD” is essential for cycling. 
    6. Pricing. I want affordable. Gone are the days where I need to give up my arm and leg just for a helmet.
    7. Last, but not least, safety. My helmet better keep me alive. 

I know right - there is a lot more to meets the eye when it comes to spending your money on a piece of equipment.

The Cadomotus Sigma Aerodynamic Cycling helmet

I tried it all. Name it, I tested it. Now there were a few options that came very close to satisfying my needs, but none closer than the Cádomotus Sigma Aerodynamic Cycling Helmet

In the beginning of the year, I was lucky enough to slip into one of these fantastic pieces of headgear they have to offer. I knew from the very first ride that I HAD to make contact with the brand and now I’m beyond blessed to be able to cycle as if there is nothing on my head but still look good, feel safe and go fast. It is clear to me that Cádomotus took their experience in speed skating headgear (where weight and speed is everything) and transformed it into innovation at the highest level to create the Sigma Helmet. I feel absolutely honored to work with this brand. 

Nowadays, I use this helmet on every single ride. The clean look plus its outstanding technology ensures that I finish every ride with a smile. 

Time for me to go ride, and yes, in my white sigma helmet!

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