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Why you want a custom cycling helmet from Cádomotus. Feedback from top-triathletes.

26 Dec 2021
by Kim van 't Verlaat

Soigné, a French word that literally means ‘properly dressed’. Presenting yourself into a race area and getting dozens of eyes on you because of the same clothes, shoes, bags, and helmets. Especially those helmets will have the attention of the other competitors. One of the reasons why Cádomotus wants to make it possible to train and race with the same helmets. Then there’s no other option to race without being properly dressed: être soigné!

The Cádomotus cycling helmets are now used by various top triathlon teams in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Germany. Athletes from Liévin Triathlon, Potsdam Triathlon, Rogelli Trimates, and SMO-Scott give their opinions and let us know the advantages of the custom design team helmets!

Stand out from the other teams

A professional look, quality helmets and stand out from other teams. The identical appearance really gives the extra push that ensures that they are teams of absolute world-class. These are elements that come up more often when speaking with the athletes of the teams. “We all wear the same yellow Omega Aero helmet and it really gets the attention of other teams. When taking photos of a peloton, the yellow helmets immediately stand out," remarks Cornelis Scheltinga, part of the triathlon team Rogelli Trimates. The yellow helmets match the team colors completely. The fluoboys are already wearing trisuits with yellow accents and so the helmet fits perfectly with that. Cádomotus gives the teams the opportunity to really be free in choosing the colors like the Rogelli Trimates, so that the custom helmet suits the team.

Triathlon Team Rogelli Trimates

Professional and identical looks

Because the names of the teams and the athletes can be placed on the helmet, there is no possibility that they are mixed up or lost between the athletes of the team. Selina Klamt, German triathlete for Liévin Triathlon (Grand Prix France) and Triathlon Team Potzdam (German Bundesliga), explicitly mentions this as one of the advantages: “Because of the same colors, we have the same looks on the bike. Everyone sees us as a team through the same helmets and we can recognize each other really well on the bike.” Athletes of the Belgian team SMO-Scott fully agree: “Professional and impossible to miss the team helmets matching the suits. No doubt you can miss that the red helmets belong to the red athletes.”

The athletes are also pleased with the way in which Cádomotus makes and delivers its products. Dennis Rijnbeek, athlete of Rogelli Trimates, calls the finish very professional: “You sometimes see those name stickers on helmets of athletes. That is certainly not the case with the Cádomotus helmets. The names are professionally printed and provide a nice appearance. The helmets are therefore always in perfect conditions and the stickers don’t lose grip.”

Triathlon Team Potsdam

Equipped with the best features

In addition to the identical and professional looks, the advantages of the custom helmets are mentioned more than once. There are several choices, but in the races, all the teams choose the Omega Helmet. There is good air ventilation and the insect nets are indispensable, athletes say. Selina: “And in the transitions, you are never hindered by fastening the helmet. Because of the magnetic closure, you can always be sure of a quick first transition.” Crucial if you don't want to miss the group during a race. That's also what Rogelli-Trimates athlete Dennis van Hof confirms: "The fact that there is also a magnetic closure in addition to such a design is a definite advantage."

The visor also comes back when athletes talk about saving time. “You no longer have to put on or grab your glasses in the first transition, so you can leave your rack almost immediately after putting on your helmet. Along the way, you can put the visor on and off without having to lose it anywhere. You attach it to the outside of the helmet with a magnet", says an athlete from SMO-Scott. At Cádomotus, athletes don't have to pick: a quick closure, an aerodynamic helmet, and a professional design are guaranteed all in one!

Triathlon Club ISSY

Could you also use a helmet that gets all the attention of other athletes in the triathlon peloton designed completely to your own preferences? Be sure to take a look at the website!