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Inline speedskates & ice speedskates
Gear Bags, Triathlon Bags, Race Day Bags for cycling, speedskating and triathlon
Aero helmets for speedskating, triathlon and cycling

Cádo Motus Speedskating Expert

Cádo Motus is one of worlds most specialized brands for speed skates. Ice speed skates, inline speed skates, carbon inline boots, inline frames, aero helmets, gear bags and anything you need to go skating, like MPC wheels, Bones inline bearings and maintenance tools.

Cádo Motus is Intelligent Motion and is there for ambitious athletes that are always trying to be their best. We develop and sell well thought quality products with an eye for functional design.

Cádo Motus Ice & Inline Speed Skates

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We are worldwide

In more than 30 countries you’ll be able to find our products, either through one of our distributors or via our online portal at cadomotus.com. Find your dealer.

We are up there

We’ve been on the market since 2007 and from the start, the world’s best skaters have been using our speed skate equipment. Our Dual Box frames have been a part of World Titles for over 10 years now. Same goes for MPC wheels, that we are, and have been since the start, Europe’s distributor for. With our Record blades we quickly conquered a place in the top 10 on ice, Peter Michael being an example. Our helmets are currently leading the market in ice speed skating with Kjeld Nuis, Gary Hekman, Crispijn Ariens, Lisa van der Geest, Iris van der Stelt and many more using the Cádo Motus Omega helmet or Cádo Motus Alpha helmet with its outstanding aero shell.

We develop

We focus on researching and developing a relationship between long track ice speedskating, inline skating, short track and cycling. This way we developed the very first ice skating helmet, where we combined the aero - features from cycling with the specific needs and wishes for positioning and ventilation in ice skating. Our Omega helmet is a safety approved and aero cycling, iceskating and short track helmet in one. Same goes for our gear bags. Designed for skating but also ideal as a waterproof gear bag for cyclists, a transition bag for triathletes, used for swimming, hiking or any other sport. With the Versatile gear bag, we offer the most all-round, waterproof backpack that you’ll be able to find available.

We deliver. Fast.

You can buy all of our Cádo Motus products, like the Omega helmet, inline skates, ice skates and wheels, in our online web shop. Do you know exactly what you want? Just put your favorite skate together. Our package deals are always a high quality offer. You’ll find the estimated delivery time and shipping in The Netherlands and Europe is free for orders over 100eu. You can count on a fast and reliable service from UPS. If an article doesn’t function the way it should within the applicable warranty time, together we’ll find an appropriate solution as soon as possible.