Inline Frames

When you hear the Pros and those that know speak of maximum power transfer, flex and dynamic feel, these are the frames that started the conversation. Our frames are what put us on the map. Cádomotus’ exclusive Dual Box® extrusion technology provides push-through power transfer, flexibility and stiffness that are frankly not possible through any other frame design. That same design sense and power-purpose carries through to our semi-solid series as well, and all of our frames are manufactured to a zero-defect tolerance. There’s a reason the world’s fastest skaters leverage the intelligent design of a Cádomotus inline frame. It’s simply the superior performance choice. We’re the industry innovator, here to help you reach the finish line fastest.

  1. DualBox®5 3x125

    Simply the most advanced aluminium inline chassis for 125mm wheels Learn More
  2. DualBox®5 4x110


    Simply the most advanced aluminium inline chassis available.

    What are the differences between the Cádomotus 4x110 T-5 and dualbox-5 inline frames? You find the answer reading this review.

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  3. DualBox®5 4x100

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    Simply the most advanced aluminium inline chassis available Learn More
  4. The Adaption T-5 inline frame


    Designed for enhanced agility on the track

    What are the differences between the Cádomotus 4x110 T-5 and dualbox-5 inline frames? You find the answer reading this review.

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  5. The Adaption hilo-5

    New low-profile frame for greater stability and off-the-line speed response. Learn More
  6. Comp Transformer frame


    This inline speed skate frame is designed to take 4x100mm wheels or 3x125mm in one frame. On Cádomotus Transformer speed skate frames you do not need to change your inline frames if you want to skate on 110mm wheels on the track or on larger 125mm wheels the road.

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  7. Neo Transformer 2-in-1 inline speed skate frame


    Our best value inline speed skate frame for growing skaters. You can get all inline wheel configurations in one pair of inline frames; 4x90 millimeter, 3x100, 4x100 or 3x110 millimeter for those kids that have the skills to handle larger diameter inline wheels.

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  8. Argon 4-wheel frame

    A new standard for young skaters Learn More
  9. Allmount-5 4x100
    Out of stock

    Allmount-5 4x100

    Out of stock

    Best value and fit for older mounting blocks or any boot within 165-195mm. Learn More
  10. Nordic clap frame

    This frame delivers long-track leverage for maximum response from every rode stride. Learn More
  11. DualBox®IV downhill frame TR-55 5x90

    The only serious competition level 5x90 downhill speed skating frame on the market. Learn More
  12. Boot risers & cantology wedges (4pcs)


    Boot riser/wedge for DualBox®5, hilo and Comp TR frames. Rise your boot to avoid interfence with the wheels, or cant them to improve your balance!

    Angled risers | cantology wedges

    Not all human bodies are optimal for skating. Many of us are shaped in such a way that the geometry of our hips, legs, or ankles hinders our ability to improve our skating. Ideally, when an inline skater stands in a neutral position, with his body weight centered over their skates, his weight should be evenly distributed across the each foot. On inline skates, this means that they can easily transfer the body weight from one to the other side, and with small movements of the knee instantly apply either edge to steer or adjust a turn or control. But for many speedskaters, this is just not the case. When we try to stand in a neutral position, more of our weight is focused on the inside or outside edge of our feet because of the way our body is shaped. We can have this problem with one foot, or both feet, and the imbalance of weight distribution can go either way – towards the inside or the outside of the foot. On inline skates, these skaters are at a disadvantage because their skate is naturally more on one side. So it's hard to change edges and we must move the knee a greater distance toward the 'high side' to compensate.

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  13. Add-on Heel-brake set 80-110mm

    Add a fixed heel-brake to your CadoMotus frames, or to most frames on the market. Suitable for all wheel diameters from 80-110mm. Learn More
  14. Replacement brake pad 12-pack

    Service pack set of 6 urethane brake pads for the CadoMotus Add-on Heel-brake set Learn More
  15. Replacement axle for brake set

    Axle that replaces the regular one for mounting the CadoMotus Add-on Heel-brake set, including counter screw. Learn More
  16. Inline frame axle 8-pk-standard

    These original Cádomotus wheel axles will not damage your frame and lock itself due to the specific head design Learn More
  17. Wheel spacer 40-pk