Bones Skate Bearings

At Cádo Motus, we partner with the very best roller bearing manufacturer, Bones Bearings. The speed bearings we offer are designed to give you options appropriate for your level of requirements. Bones Reds, Bones Swiss in the standard configuration and in their high-performance Ceramic bearings versions. Your choice of bearings can have a significant impact on your speed and race results, and no matter what your goals, Bones Bearings will help you achieve them. We also offer a full line of accessories to help you maintain them, from speed cream to cleaners. See for yourself why Bones are the highest rated bearings on the market.

When you buy inline speed skating bearings, you don’t want to worry about a rating number, you just want the most roll for your buck. The science of speed is best rated by skaters, not bearing engineers. That’s why we’re with Bones: since 1983, the name in high-performance, sport-specific skateboard and inline speed skate bearings. Inline speed skating requires a high performance bearing that can roll faster and hotter than standard bearings. The Bones bearing brand is engineered to withstand the side and vertical loads of pro skaters (and skateboarders) and has become the gold standard for our sport. Not satisfied with outdated and misunderstood ABEC ratings, the Bones brand is simply the road proven fastest inline skate bearing, most reliable speed skate bearing on the market. Easy to clean and re-lubricate, your next set of Bones skate bearings will roll and last longer than any bearing you’ve rolled before.

"Some skate bearings are junk and some are pretty good, but no bearing we have ever tested has equaled the performance of Bones Swiss." - George A. Powell