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You’re working hard at reaching your goals. And you’re hoping we can help you do that? We are always looking for ambassadors for our brand. How can we help each other out?

To be able to judge your sponsor request, we ask you to send it to our marketing department. We will consider which requests we answer to and which we don’t each quarter. Incomplete requests won’t be considered.

What we would like to hear from you:

  • What is your goal in sports?
  • Which sport/ discipline are you focussing on?
  • What results have you achieved?
  • What races and tournaments will you participate in in the near future?
  • Who supports you currently?
  • How can we help support you towards your personal athletic goal?

Sponsorship to us means partnership, working together. We want to see something in return. Results, sure, but there is more.

We are looking for athletes that will contribute to making Cádo Motus more successful. How do you inspire your environment? How and where will you be our ambassador and how will you contribute to us meeting our sales goals? The succes of our potential agreement is set by how you carry our brand!

Think about:
  • Are you active on social media? How? (share your links with us)
  • In what environment (sport and area) are you well known and can you influence potential clients?
  • To who will you support our product and how will you contribute to our sales?
Maybe you’re not that kind of person. What about:
  • Are you easy going and good at starting conversation at promotional events?
  • Are you someone who enjoys and is willing to participate in photoshoots?
  • Are you a marketing talent and are you able to help us improve our online display?
  • Do you have a good feel for testing new products and giving feedback?

Thanks for thinking along with us. We look forward to reading your request!