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Versatile-2 inline speed skate


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This inline speed skate is for beginners to intermediate skaters. The skate transforms from a 4x100mm into 3x110mm speed skate, or from 4x110mm into 3x125mm. You can have all possible inline skate configurations for the price of just one skate! Beginners start on 4x100mm wheels, then to 3 or 4x110mm and finally on 3 big 125 millimeter wheels for maximum speed!

If you want to skate on 3x110mm or 3x125mm then add the boot risers in between de frame and the boots.

Inline speed skate configurator

  • Configure the Cádo Motus Versatile skate based on your preferences.
  • The price will adjust according to your selection of frame, wheels and and bearings of choice!


Versatile-2 inline speed skate is available for purchase in increments of 1

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Versatile-2 inline speed skate is available for purchase in increments of 1

Price as configured: $0.00


The Versatile Speed Skate

The essence of versatility is having the ability to quickly adapt. You can go from rookie to pro as fast as your determination, talent and equipment can get you there. Then it’s from indoor to outdoor, long courses to sprinting, track to road and trail. Inline speed skating comes in many forms, and with many disciplines, there’s one inline speed skate to get you to the podium across them all: the Rookie Versatile.

The Rookie Versatile is an inline speed skate designed to ramp up your learning curve to get to the next level quicker. Choose from the most stable boots to start with, then find the wheel-base right for where you are with our Transformer multi-set-up frames.

Equipped with the Cádo Motus Competition Transformer frame, you’ll learn technique with it, train on it, and push yourself to speeds you never dreamed possible. We used to think this would be a frame you’d outgrow, and for beginners going from our 4 x 100mm / 3 x 110mm set up, there will be a graduation, but for those more seasoned or bigger athletes going from 4 x 110mm to 3 x 125mm, the 13.2 Comp TR is a frame you can skate on for years to come.

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All of our frames are built on a lightweight platform that shares many of the same design improvements and characteristics of all our pro-tested, competition proven frames, so skaters can, with this single frame, find the best wheel configuration to comprehend the benefits each set up has to offer. It’s a multi-tasking must for those skaters who are serious about going further in the sport. And the multi-frame utility of the Comp TR make it the cost-effective choice that doesn't sacrifice quality, function or performance. And now with 125mm spacing, it’s on the cutting edge of the future of the sport.

Not only will this frame serve you on the course, but it’s the right fit when the pace isn’t quite as fast. The difference between race ready size, purpose-driven practice or pleasure skate configurations are just a few quick turns of a hex-wrench away. Go from 3x125 to 4x110 or 4x100 in the blink of an eye, to keep the right pace with the right group or the right training goal. It’s truly a frame for all skating opportunities that helps you create the right experience every time. 

We keep it simple. Like all of our Transformer skate packages, there’s a very purposeful intention behind each stride you’ll take:

Slow to flow: You start on 4 x 110mm set-up, developing critical skills, form and strength

Flow to speed: As muscle memory and strength develop on the longer 13.2 Comp TR frame, you transition to a 3 x 125mm configuration and the pace intensifies

Speed to power: Mastery of command & control allow you to focus on optimal form, skating on a solid power-base

Power to podium: The realm of Champions awaits!


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  • A very good SpeedSkate
    Review by KimRNon 5/15/2017
    I have bought these SpeedSkate after some months on some Fitness Skates, and I must say that I am very happy with the skates. They fits my feets and does not heard anywhere. The possibility to go from 4 to 3 wheels was also one of the reasons to choose them, and also the semi boots support very well