Triathlon Gear

Buying the best triathlon gear and accessories can be expensive if you're not choosing the right equipment. When you choose Cádomotus triathlon gear, you are getting the best triathlon transition bag and the best triathlon helmet for just the right price. The Cádomotus Omega aero helmet has an integrated HD visor to prevent eyes tears at high speeds. Our lightweight versatile triathlon bag and backpack has a thought-out design which you can buy in many attractive colors. Like other triathlon bags are dry and wet gear separated. We adjust pockets for each item of your race, like an outside helmet pocket, outside shoe pockets, and versatile carrying as a backpack or a bag.


3 Reasons to get a Cádomotus triathlon gear bag

1. Its very comfortable wearing when you walk or ride.

2. It has pockets for everything so you never forget your boots, triathlon helmet or drink bottles.

3. Your triathlon gear stays dry when it rains!

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  1. Versatile triathlon bag TORQ edition

    Regular Price: $168.35

    Speciale prijs $ 129.35

    The Cadomotus Versatile bag is not just a triathlon backpack but also:

    - a skate bag for speedskaters;
    - a gear bag for cyclists;
    - and a gym bag for any sports enthusiast!

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  2. Omega Triathlon Helmet & Time Trial Helmet

    From: $233.35

    To: $317.20

    Looking for the best ventilated TT helmet with visor for time-trials or triathlon? The Cádomotus Omega Aero time trial helmet and triathlon helmet protects your head and provides aerodynamic performance that you need to cheat the wind. This aero helmet is your best cycling upgrade.

    Most aero time trial helmets often won’t ventilate nearly as much as a conventional road helmet. That’s not an issue for racing Olympic distances in North European or US temperatures, but a major consideration in Ironman Triathlons. The Omega triathlon helmet is not only a great looking, safe and aerodynamic helmet for triathletes, but its also great fitting and gets easy on and off in transition zones. The magnetically fastened visor can quickly be attached in upside down position to make your transition as fast as possible without struggling with a visor. You could even throw some cold water on your face during the ride!

    The honeycomb structure makes the Omega TT helmet superlight at 315g including the high definition lens.

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  3. Integrated HD lenses for Omega Aerospeed | SKY


    The Cádomotus Omega skate helmet has - besides all the specific characteristics you expect in protective head gear – an integrated HD visor. Omega is a helmet and goggles all in one. Nearly all skaters wear glasses to prevent eyes tears at high speeds, particularly those on skating on natural ice whose tears tend to freeze! If you wear glasses, you use them to see more detail. But these glasses, they give you something extra.

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  4. Versatile cycling bag & triathlon transition bag


    Versatile cycling gear bag and triathlon transition bag for triathletes. A water resistant backpack for all your bike gear with multifunctional 2 compartment interior for wet & dry separation.

    • Large capacity 35 liter
    • Adjustable shoulder and hip straps
    • Collapsible wet pouch for shoes or wetsuit
    • Separate, run or bike shoe pockets and detachable drink bottle pockets
    • Easy-access accessory pockets on top and internal zippered pocket for your wallet
    • Ventilated wet compartment

    Get Free Shipping Worldwide if you purchase 2 bags and surprise your friend!


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  5. Omega Aero cycling helmet in your team colours!


    We can make our high end aero helmet in the exact color of your club or team! MOQ only 5 helmets! Look here to find options for logo's and positions or contact us per email.

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  6. Soft Flask 250ml


    This flexible and ergonomic bottle adapts to the shape of your body; It fits anywhere in your speedskating skinsuit! The soft flask is comfortable in the hand, with silicon bite valve.

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