To be eligible for a new helmet through Crash Replacement you and your helmet will have to meet the following standards:

1. Your helmet was purchased no longer than 2 years ago through one of our official Cádo Motus dealers. Find your dealer here
2. Your helmet was registered(*) within 30 days of purchase on Always make sure you complete the form to the best of your ability and give us as much information as possible. Online purchases are automatically registered.
3. The helmet was returned and received by Cádo Motus Skating BV. You can find return address here. Shipping costs will be paid by the customer.

* Helmets purchased in 2015, 2016 or 2017 can be registered until december 31st, 2017. After finishing registering your Crash Replacement will be valid for two years.

The discount on a new helmet through Crash Replacement is 50% off of the suggested retail price in stores. Accessories are not included in this deal unless they too were damaged in the crash.

When met all three standards, Cádo Motus will provide the customer with the details to an account where the gross discount amount will be available through a voucher. From here the customer is able to place an order where the discount amount will be taken out of the price. The customer is free to use the voucher to purchase a different (more expensive) helmet with or without accessories like an aeroshell of visor.

The customer will have the possibility to have the new helmet shipped to a specific address or to one of the dealers with shipment availability.

Cádo Motus has the right to to withhold from offering Crash Replacement service if provided information is incorrect, the damage to the helmet is only optical and not the direct result from a crash of if the damage was caused intentionally.

If there is dubiety about the provided information, Cádo Motus is competent to request proof of purchase.