Sports Bags and Backpacks

  1. Airflow limited edition backpack

    Limited edition designs of the most sold sports backpack for cyclists, ice and inline speedskaters. Exclusively sold on or in one of Expert or Brand stores worldwide. Learn More
  2. Versatile sports bag for inline skaters


    Innovation for 2017!

    A bold new take on a classic waterproof bag design that’s loved the world-over, our updated skate bags are set to become the most versatile sports backpack on the market. The new standard for athletes who inline skate, ice skate, do cycling and mountainbiking and compete in triathlons too, this is an indestructible design you can take anywhere and subject to anything. It’s the one bag to rule them all, in 2 exciting colors.

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  3. Waterflow skate backpack


    Inline, ice, urban or derby – if you skate, you need this bag.

    Waterproof sports bags don’t get better than this. Everything you expect in a strong and solidly built skate backpack that takes all the gear you can fit inside and keeps it dry. Whether you’re racing on the track or jamming in the rink, this is the dryest, most functional skate bag for active skaters on the move, with a color that reflects your skate style. 

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  4. Airflow skate backpack


    Simply the best made, most functional skate bag in the sport. Lightweight inline skate backpack that takes ice or inline skates and all the gear you can fit inside. This is the most functional bag for active skaters on the move, with a color palette to customize and coordinate with your skate style.

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