Short track skates

Short track skates

Short track speed skating is a practice in perfection and a roll of the dice. Patient precision and the excellence of execution combine to create the fluidity of form that carries your speed through the turns and down the straightaways, where quick reflexes and the ability to read the ice make the difference between gold and DNF. With Cádomotus and Marchese short track speed skating equipment, you won’t be gambling like the others in your pack. With Cádomotus short track speed skates you’ll have command and control of the ice that you’ve only ever dreamt of.

  1. Alpha-Y short track Aero kids helmet


    The Alpha-Y is the short track speed skating helmet re-invented with an ergonomic shaped contour that offers more protection than those classic straight cut designs. From the inside out, it’s unlike any other helmet on the market, with a more secure and comfortable fit. A speed skating helmet that protects the head, providing comfort, safety and support for short track speed skaters who need protection. 

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  2. Omega Aero shorttrack helmet

    From: $191.40

    To: $256.80

    The Cádomotus Omega helmet is setting new standards for aerodynamics, ventilation and impact protection in high performance short track speed skating helmets. Built on a strict safety core of breathability and uncompromised strength, the Omega keeps you cool and safe when things heat up! Your safety is our number one concern, and with this speed skating helmet, speed doesn’t get compromised for safety. ISU certified.

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  3. Cádomotus-Marchese 111 short track speed skate

    As low as: $330.00

    You won’t find a shorttrack skate that offers more comfort, support and technology at this price!

    See this video and find out what Paul Marchese says about the Zero shorttrack blades:
    Paul Marchese analyses zero blades

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  4. CadoMotus-Allmount 111 short track speed skate

    As low as: $450.00

    .. making entry to the short track speed skating sport easy with our latest technology and a blade that fits all boot mounts! Learn More
  5. Cádomotus 111 Short Track Boot

    Best short track boot to get confident and lean in the corners on your outside edges. The Cádomotus 111 heat moldable short track boot sets the standard for all clubskaters. Learn More
  6. NewSpeed Allmount® speed skate
    Out of stock

    NewSpeed Allmount® speed skate

    Out of stock

    As low as: $450.00

    A great beginner skate for extra support for those who need to learn. Learn More
  7. Cádomotus Allmount blades

    As low as: $210.00

    Your crossover from inline to ice speed skating just got easier with the one ice skate blade that fits all boot mounts! Learn More
  8. ST cups for Allmount

    Shorttrack cups are higher Learn More
  9. Xlow cups for Allmount

    Extra low cups for more stability Learn More
  10. Alpha Aerospeed ice speed skating helmet

    World’s first and lightest helmet designed specifically for longtrack ice speedskating. The Cádomotus Alpha speed skating helmet is excellent for long track & short track speed skating, inline speed skating and road cyclists. Learn More