Speed Skates

Cádomotus professional short track and longtrack ice speed skate packages, ice speed skating boots, speed skate blades and speed skating helmets. Long track speed skating is a tale of two tracks, and no matter which you start on, it’s your ability to harness maximum pressure and stick to the ice that create the speed you need to achieve record times at the finish. Cádomotus is at the leading edge of long track speed skating technical developments in speed skates and ice skating blades that give you the ultimate advantage over your competitors: the ability to carve easy straights and achieve maximum pressure in the corners. Cádomotus long track speed skating ice blades have the power, balance and control that give you an unparalleled mastery of the straights and corners. You have to feel it to believe it.

  1. Nero (Shinobi) speed skate

    From: $1,560.00

    To: $1,755.00

    Our best selling speedskate. Easy carving and pressure. Ideal for longer distances. #easycarveblades Learn More
  2. Nero iD speed skate
    Out of stock

    Nero iD speed skate

    Out of stock

    From: $1,625.00

    To: $1,820.00

    Optimum power, balance and control, all in one ice speedskate. #easycarveblades Learn More
  3. Cádomotus Nero boot

    The right blend of stiffness and flexibility, combined with excellent moldability Learn More
  4. Nero iD boot

    A high-quality designed longtrack boot with your own preferred graphic colors (Gold for National Champions only) Learn More