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Speed skates for sale & inline speed skates for sale. Ice and apparel as well as demo or tested skate products to discount prices. All top brands like CadoMotus, Marchese and MPC are shipped worldwide free of charge for orders over €200

  1. Cádomotus-Marchese 111 short track speed skate

    As low as: $357.50

    You won’t find a shorttrack skate that offers more comfort, support and technology at this price!

    See this video and find out what Paul Marchese says about the Zero shorttrack blades:
    Paul Marchese analyses zero blades

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  2. 61S NSX® blades (SilverSaya)

    As low as: $253.50

    The Cádomotus SilverSaya blade is a truly innovative and unique high-performance long track speed skating blade at an attractive price. These ice skate blades are
    unlike any other aluminium blade thanks to the proven NSX® profile which enhances steering properties. High performance aluminum. Unlike any other aluminium blade thanks to the proven NSX® profile.

    Do you want to use your inline boots for ice speedskating and mount them on a pair of clap blades?

    You need a pair of our dual mount bridges.

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Sale of outgoing speed skates and skate parts such as inline frames, inline speed skate boots and skate wheels as well as demo or tested products to discount prices.