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Omega Aerospeed ORANGE | BLACK


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This Dutch-made helmet passes all ASTM, EN and CE standards for ice speedskating and road cycling. A true cross-over helmet that will help you shave precious seconds off the clock, no matter which discipline your passion pursues.

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The Cádo Motus Omega helmet is setting new standards for aerodynamics, ventilation and impact protection in high performance helmets. Built on a strict safety core of breathability and uncompromised strength, the Omega accepts the burdens of climate control and trauma absorption, keeping you cool and safe when things heat up!

Our exclusive manufacturing process creates a single-shell, born of a process that integrates honeycomb-like structures into a production mold of expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) to forge a monocoque unlike anything else in the market. This exclusive in-mold hybrid of a lightweight structural core and EPS allows for more vents without sacrificing the high protection requirements of a speedskating helmet. This patented technology exclusively licensed to Cádo Motus.

The Omega’s aero-design optimizes the benefit you gain in a slipstream, and allows you to drop the line with the least resistance you’ve ever felt. Cheat the wind with ease, keeping cool with constant air flow over your head.

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Additional Information

Product weight (g) 295
Approved For Racing ITU triathlon, UCI cycling, ISU speedskating, World Skate (FIRS)
Helmet is suitable for Triathlon, Time Trial Cycling, Road Cycling, Track cycling, Long Track Ice, Marathon Ice, Short Track Ice, Inline Marathon skating, Inline Track skating
Certification CE, ASTM F-1849, EN1078
Integrated Visor Yes | Magnetic snap-on/off
Aeroshield Option No
Aeroshield Attachment No
Construction Hybrid honeycomb structure, Inmold EPC/PC
Ventilation Internal Channeling, Over-brow Ventilation
Bug Shield Yes
Liner Single thickness | 5-piece
Washable liner Yes
Fit System Dial-Ratchet Lock, Vertical Adjustment
Buckle Standard buckle clip


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Customer Reviews

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    Racing Triathlons
    Review by Donaldon 5/8/2019
    Racing at the highest level I demand the maximum and I want equipment that matches my needs. The (omega) Aero helmet certainly does so, you don't have to pedal every watt that can be won with aerodynamic savings. And in a triathlon that translates into slightly better legs for running, do I need to say more ?! With the tri closure buckle included, it is simply a top helmet when performance is paramount.
    In terms of looks it should appeal to you, I can say nothing further about it .... But I think it's awesome looking!
    With just two venting holes I get the question often: "is it cool enough ?!" Short answer is, for is purpose for sure! With the two holes in the front and 1 larger hole in the back, there is enough difference in pressure inside the helmet. This results in good ventilation with your head remaining cool. Races in tropical climates are no problem! For adequate ventilation you have to keep the pace high on the warmer days, but that should not be a problem if you are looking for aero helmets….
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    Perfect for time trial: new favorite
    Review by Sophieon 4/4/2019
    Helmets have and will always been a 'thing' in cycling. A helmet to me needs to be comfortable, good looking en preferably aero dynamic. My experience is that to find all those is quite the task. But I did!
    This helmet is super comfortable (I didn't know that an aero helmet could be this light!) and is easily adjusted to how it fits me best.
    Pro's are that I can fit my bun both up between the helmet and strap and under.
    I used to think aero helmets looked a litte much, but this helmet fits like I've never worn anything else. Ventilation strips are a nice addition too, so I won't get overheated while riding in summer.
    The matching visor can make the total even more aero, the high quality lenses make your view very clear. If you're aero enough, you're able to wear spectacles too (like me). Thank too the adjustable straps you won't get your sides tangled.