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Nordic clap frame


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This frame delivers long-track leverage for maximum response from every rode stride.

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The product of extensive development and testing in Nordic Blading, the NORDIC HILO 100. Beginning with Cádo Motus SemiSolid extrusion (as used on the COMP frame), a front-end Clap Mechanism allows a more free-flowing skating movement, as well as enhanced climbing performance. The HILO design keeps the Clap action light and fast, and keeps your foot low over the wheels for optimal control and stability - with the roll of 100mm wheels under your heel. We made the NORDIC HILO 100 to give you the best Nordic Blading experience. Discover the emerging culture of Nordic Blading. With the NORDIC HILO 100 you're equipped to skate up, over and down anything the trail puts in front of you. You won't ever want to stop.

For Nordic skaters serious about winning.

Additional Information

Frame weight (1/2 pair, no axles) N/A
Frame Alloy 6061
Deck height (mm) 100/2 + 58 = 108
Frame boot mount 195mm
Frame Axle Design Precision CNC, lightweight
Axle Mount Right-hand; Self-locking
Frame profile solid
Frame stifness No
Wheel setup No


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Customer Reviews

  • Value
    Good nordics
    Review by Expaticoon 5/23/2018
    I bought these to do nordic skating with poles. They're very solid, stable and predictable, with the 100/110 high/low making them better-grounded than a frame with four equally sized wheels. I used them as "rain skates," and so far they've performed well (with rain wheels, naturally), sometimes sliding a bit on very wet ground covered in thick pollen, but never giving out completely. A good match with poles.
  • Amazing for Climbing
    Review by Craigon 10/17/2014
    I mostly skate "cross-country", up and down hills and across flats. Climbing with these frames is a totally new experience; so much more power and ease pushing "up" with the clap mechanism that hinges close to the toes, and keeps two wheels engaged during the climb. On flats or downhill the frames perform just like a "fixed" frame. Hands down the best frame for anyone who skates out in the world (which, as we know, is Not flat!)
  • Great climbers with a bonus
    Review by Craigon 10/9/2014
    I skate 200+ days per year, mostly cross country. I skate for fitness, for inline downhill competition and training, cross training for alpine skiing, but mostly for fun.

    My usual skate is about 13km with over 250m of climbing. The descents were always fun, with Gravity Master Skate Brakes on board to keep things under control. The climgs, notsomuch. Until I discovered the Cado Motus Clap frame. The climbing leverage is phenomenal. The last 0.4km / 60m climb still is not exactly fun, but it's a lot easier than it used to be.

    The bonus is, these frames remind you not to push off your toes when you're not climbing. If you push off on your toes when you shouldn't, the clap reminds you to shift the power back a bit.

    My boots are the New Speed 110; I like the extra ankle support for the descents. Wheels: MPC Alpine Slalom are Perfect for this type of skating.