1. Airflow limited edition backpack

    Limited edition designs of the most sold sports backpack for cyclists, ice and inline speedskaters. Exclusively sold on or in one of Expert or Brand stores worldwide. Learn More
  2. Airflow cycling gear backpack


    This backpack is ideal for bike gear (shoes, helmet). The 20 liter capacity is just about right for storing shoes, all the clothing you’d need for a race, Gran Fondo or a light weekend of traveling. Multiple little storage places to keep heart rate belt, Mylaps chip, sports license and nutrician seperated from the rest of the storage. Quick access pockets for wallet and phone. Waist belt in case you need to bike a few km's to the local showers or race registration and carry the bag on your back. Unsurpassed comfort when carrying it on your back thanks to the airflow rack as found in the higher quality mountaineering bags. Dirty, stinky or wet shoes and helmet can be stowed outside and separate from the rest.

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  3. Cádomotus Delta cycling helmet


    The Cádomotus Delta cycling helmet protects your head and your wallet. This cycling helmet is great looking, great fitting, cool, comfortable and it’s a safety value for cyclists that’s based on our popular Delta platform. This helmet proves that a top class helmet doesn’t need to be expensive. Its super light and offers a great ft & comfort. Cádomotus style.

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  4. Omega Aero Cycling Helmet

    From: $191.40

    To: $256.80

    The Cádomotus Omega Aero cycling helmet protects your head and provides aerodynamic performance that you need to cheat the wind. This aero bike helmet is a great looking, great fitting, safe and aerodynamic helmet for cyclists that’s based on our popular Omega Aero platform. This aero helmet is a world class entry into the cycling helmet market. It’s the epitome of Cádomotus style and performance. Learn More
  5. Integrated lenses for Omega Aerospeed

    The Cádomotus Omega skate helmet has - besides all the specific characteristics you expect in protective head gear – an integrated visor. Omega is a helmet and goggles all in one. Nearly all skaters wear glasses to prevent eyes tears at high speeds, particularly those on skating on natural ice whose tears tend to freeze! If you wear glasses, you use them to see more detail. But these glasses, they give you something extra. Learn More
  6. Alpha-Y Aero kids bike helmet


    World’s first aero cycling helmet for children! The Cádomotus Alpha-Y is the bike helmet all kids should be wearing. It provides head protections all the way down to the base of the skull. It’s safe, effective and ready to protect a kid’s head in a kid’s shape in size. Your kids need safety helmets to protect them in nearly every sport. This helmet gives the ultimate protection and it looks cool too! The Alpha-Y is EN1078 certified.

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  7. Versatile cycling & triathlon bag

    Versatile cycling bag and triathlon bag. Waterproof backpack for all your bike gear. Simply the best sports backpack in the world, since 2007 Learn More
  8. Waterflow cycling gear backpack

    The Cádomotus waterflow cycling bag is a waterproof bag for all your bike gear. Your bike helmet and shoes are stored in special made pockets on the outside. Unside the backpack are multiple compartments for your clothes, gloves, overshoes, keys, phone and wallet. Learn More
  9. Amsterdam Triathlon Action Pack


    Cadomotus Versatile Sports bag + Torq Energy Sports Drink + Bottle

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    (valid up to 31.08.2017)


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Our speed skating sports-gear is world-renowned for its quality and sophistication. Designed by speed skaters, for speed skaters, Cádomotus uses only the finest materials to create speed skating gear that exceeds performance expectations and defines trend-setting style. Combined with our exceptional customer service, this is the essence of the Cádomotus core-philosophy: intelligence – purpose – performance – predominance. Cádomotus. We are pure speedskating, we are here to equip you.