Skate wheels

At Cádo Motus, we aren’t serving up your father’s roller skate wheels, unless of course, you father is an inline speed skater! Inline skates derive great power and speed from the wheels that adorn them. The choice of wheels is important: you want a responsive wheel under your feet that obeys your commands, delivering what you ask of it, when you ask it. Inline skate wheels have unique properties infused into the poly-urethane that makes up the wheel and its roll surface, the core underneath and the hubs that hold it all together. There are many different combinations that make for wheels that perform well under specific conditions: in roller skating rinks, on speed skating banked tracks, on open-road race courses, on streets and on recreational trails.  Different conditions call for different wheels, and we carry only the best wheels to give you the performance you need, when you need it.

  1. MPC Big Black Magic 125mm inline wheel

    MPC Black Magic 125mm wheels are the big wheels the inline skating sport has been waiting for. Excellent corners with full control, less vibration and more responsive and stability. These wheels offer superior rebound. The MPC Big Black Magic 125mm is available in a medium and a hard wheel. In stock!

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  2. MPC Storm Surge XGrip inline rain wheel

    The industry standard. There is no other rain wheel. Durometer 85/86A

    This is no hype - MPC Storm Surge have no equal. The Storm Surge wheel offers more grip in rainy & wet conditions than any other wheel, ever, period.

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MPC wheels and Bones bearings are the choice for top speed by world's top inline speed skaters: simply the best inline speed skating wheel in the world. MPC wheels flex, gripping more of the rolling surface and returning more energy than any other wheel on the market today.

When the world’s top skaters want to finish first, they chose MPC wheels. Your ego and your will to win will trump sponsorship when you’re consumed by the unstoppable drive to dominate the field. You need a wheel that will offer maximum response, superior rebound, tight grip and ready roll – these are the hallmarks of MPC Wheels and our exclusive M-Tech Dual-band technology. Our wheels flex, gripping more of the rolling surface and returning more energy than any other wheel on the market today. That gives you more glide for your stride, and gets you to the finish line first.

Rain or shine, see for yourself why MPC Wheels are the most medaled wheels in the sport. Get more from your edges by making MPC’s competitive edge yours .