Inline skate packages

Are you looking to buy a pair of high-quality, nicely fitted skates?

At Cádo Motus you will find everything you need to go skating. Complete sets with which you can start improving the very next day. More comfort, more speed and more functionality with Cádo Motus and all our cooperating brands like Mariani Skates, Bones Bearings and MPC Wheels. The best skates for every level. Beginner through intermediate all the way to expert. The highest quality and service and direct shipping of your skates. You can visit one of our dealers or order online at Worldwide shipping is free for orders over USD400

The best skate for you.

Cádo Motus develops and sells inline skates for people who are just starting to learn the basics up to the most professional skaters competing at World Championships. Inline skates for kids to professional inline skates for masters.

Cádo Motus Rookie - The perfect skate for kids and everyone wanting learn to skate. Available in boys and girls colors and in 3 or 4 wheels versions.

Cádo Motus Agility - The best skate for everyone who wants to relax and skate for hours and record a lot of miles— this skate provides extra support around the ankles for a comfortable feel.

Cádo Motus Versatile - If you are not just joking around and want to go really fast. A sturdy carbon boot with the best frames and wheels we have.

Cádo Motus World Medalist - Italian craftsmanship; a handmade custom boot from World Champion boot maker in inline skating, Davide Mariani. Together with the famous DualBox frames and MPC wheels. You’re not going to get better than this.

What do you decide on?

1. Start with the boot.

Do you want a high and supportive boot so you can skate for hours on end or are you trying to sit low, and transfer your power and is a lower boot more suitable for you? There’s a difference in hardness in boots. The more expensive part is made from carbon, which is hard, and can be shaped to your foot by heat moulding them. (at one of our dealers or at their instructions(link)). The harder the boot, the more stability you will gain.

2. A skate with 3 or 4 wheels?

Every person is unique. Everyone has different ambitions, talents and technique. Cádo Motus offers a suitable skate for everyone. 3x 125mm and 4x 110mm wheels for the strong and competitive skaters, 100mm set-ups for juniors and women, and 3 wheel sets with 90mm for the smallest skaters. They can get used to the bigger wheels, but keep practicing their agility and technique with light weight skates that can assist them on their road to becoming a champion.

If you can’t make up your mind or just want to have the possibility to skate on either 3 or 4 wheels, Cádo Motus offers the Transformer frames. In seconds you will be able to change from 3 to 4 wheels or the other way around.

All Cádo Motus skates are build from the philosophy of an elite skater. Skaters with a competitive attitude will benefit from that too. We almost always are able to deliver from stock, at competitive prices and with free shipping.