Inline Speed Skate Boots

Carbon boots for perfect fit, comfort and control.

Cádo Motus inline and iceskating boots have one thing in common: the fit of a custom boot. We used our experience in working with World Champion speed skaters and World Champion boot makers like Davide Mariani and Paul Marchese for all of our skating boots.

  1. Resizer 3-in-1 Insoles for skates, bike shoes or ski boots | sports soles for kids

    An adjustable boot-sizing solution for kids who outgrown their high-end sport shoes quickly! The Cádo Motus Rookie Resizer insoles are suitable for any hard sole sport shoes like inline skates and longtrack & short track ice speed skates, cycling shoes or ski boots! Learn More
  2. Ci1 inline skate boot

    100% Carbon shell inline racing boot with an all new footbed that makes these speed boots the core differentiator. Optimized power transfer, precision edge alignment. The new fast forward footbed is a stabilizing platform that’s leveraging unparalleled free range of motion for the ultimate in control. Learn More
  3. Rookie SR2 inline boot

    Regular Price: $325.00

    Speciale prijs $ 258.70

    The 2nd generation SR inline boots fit snug around the ankle for more stability. These speed skating boots are build on a moldable carbon shell with 195mm mount separation. Learn More
  4. Rookie NS2 boot

    Regular Price: $325.00

    Speciale prijs $ 258.70

    You'll feel the difference of extra high ankle support immediately. For marathon skaters and mile-hounds. Learn More
  5. Rookie JR2 boot BOY (shortmount)

    Regular Price: $260.00

    Speciale prijs $ 193.70

    Second generation of the Rookie racing boot for the boys with 165mm mount separation Learn More
  6. Rookie JR2 boot GIRL (shortmount)

    Regular Price: $260.00

    Speciale prijs $ 193.70

    Second generation of the Rookie racing boot for the girls with 165mm mount separation. Learn More
  7. Replacement laces for Ci1 inline boots

    Waxed laces in the perfect length for your 6 eyelet featured Ci1 skating boots. Learn More
  8. Inline boot mount screws 4-pk-14mm

    Flat headed boot mount screws M6 with Nylok® Learn More
  9. Dial lock replacement set (2 discs)

    Fast and secure closing system for top of the line Cádo Motus speedskating boots. Turn the dial clockwise for fastening your shoes and counter clockwise to release. We use durable steel components, so unlike other systems our closure remains tight during skating. Learn More
  10. Tool for dial lock assembly

    Professional hand-tool to fasten or replace the dials on your skating boots. Learn More
  11. Calliper buckle replacement set

    This buckle is especially designed by Cádo Motus and Mariani! Learn More
  12. Cádo Motus waxed laces

    Pimp your Rookie boots with these high quality waxes laces. Made in Germany. Learn More

Every single foot is different. That is why all our boots are heat moldable. Heat molding your boot will give you a boot that is shaped to your foot for a competitive price. Having a snug fitting boot is not only important for the comfort and avoiding blisters and irritations, but also provides better control over your skates. Upon purchase we will give you full heat moulding instructions.

Do you feel in control going fast?

Speedskating keeps getting faster and on high speed you want to feel in complete control. Feeling like you control your skates and being able to stay low and balanced. Then push hard. One of the requirements to be able to feel that is a developed fit and possibility to mold the boot to a persons desire. Cádo Motus offers exactly that.

We offer a suitable skating boot for every level of ambition. The Dogma, a handmade product from Italian boot maker Davide Mariani, is our high end model. Made out of carbon, offering support that will last for years. The Rookie has a Junior version in blue and pink and Senior version for the bigger sizes. Perfect for you if you’re ambitious and want to exceed your expectations.