Inline Speed Skate Boots

Carbon boots for perfect fit, comfort and control.

Cádo Motus inline and iceskating boots have one thing in common: the fit of a custom boot. We used our experience in working with World Champion speed skaters and World Champion boot makers like Davide Mariani and Paul Marchese for all of our skating boots.

Every single foot is different. That is why all our boots are heat moldable. Heat molding your boot will give you a boot that is shaped to your foot for a competitive price. Having a snug fitting boot is not only important for the comfort and avoiding blisters and irritations, but also provides better control over your skates. Upon purchase we will give you full heat moulding instructions.

Do you feel in control going fast?

Speedskating keeps getting faster and on high speed you want to feel in complete control. Feeling like you control your skates and being able to stay low and balanced. Then push hard. One of the requirements to be able to feel that is a developed fit and possibility to mold the boot to a persons desire. Cádo Motus offers exactly that.

We offer a suitable skating boot for every level of ambition. The Dogma, a handmade product from Italian boot maker Davide Mariani, is our high end model. Made out of carbon, offering support that will last for years. The Rookie has a Junior version in blue and pink and Senior version for the bigger sizes. Perfect for you if you’re ambitious and want to exceed your expectations.