Inline accessories

Inline accessories

At Cádomotus, we know that your gear needs to be tweaked and tuned, and we have what you need to keep your inline skates in top performance condition. We sell the industry-standard torqueing skate wrench – you never over-tighten and strip your mounting screws! And look no further for all the spare parts you need to modify your set up and optimize your roller skates. Skate axels, spacers, boot risers and more. Everything a serious speed skater needs to maintain their inline speed skates. Fill the storage compartments of your Cádomotus skate bag with the parts you need to get back to the action quickly, when the need arises. 

  1. Inline frame axle 40-pk-standard (grey)

    CNC-precision machined parts Learn More
  2. Skate wrench 2-in-1 (no torque)

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    Speciale prijs $7.20

    Ergonomic grip and easy to use. Learn More
  3. Skate torque wrench 4mm HEX
    Out of stock

    Skate torque wrench 4mm HEX

    Out of stock

    The must-have tool for all skate bags, this wrench will ensure you don’t over-tighten your axels. Learn More
  4. CadoMotus waxed laces

    Pimp your Rookie boots with these high quality waxes laces. Made in Germany. Learn More
  5. Techni-Cords Pk 2
    Out of stock

    Techni-Cords Pk 2

    Out of stock

    Set of Techni-cords with 2 hip belts: the most skating specific power and strength training! Learn More
  6. Techni-Cords Pk 1

    Set of Techni-cords: specific power and strength training simple enough for beginners Learn More
  7. Calliper buckle set (4pc)

    This buckle is especially designed by CadoMotus and Mariani! Learn More
  8. CadoMotus EXchange 165-195 adapter

    Adapt your clap ice blades to take long-mount inline boots without compromise! Learn More
  9. Boot risers & cantology wedges (4pcs)


    Boot riser/wedge for DualBox®5, hilo and Comp TR frames. Rise your boot to avoid interfence with the wheels, or cant them to improve your balance!

    Angled risers | cantology wedges

    Not all human bodies are optimal for skating. Many of us are shaped in such a way that the geometry of our hips, legs, or ankles hinders our ability to improve our skating. Ideally, when an inline skater stands in a neutral position, with his body weight centered over their skates, his weight should be evenly distributed across the each foot. On inline skates, this means that they can easily transfer the body weight from one to the other side, and with small movements of the knee instantly apply either edge to steer or adjust a turn or control. But for many speedskaters, this is just not the case. When we try to stand in a neutral position, more of our weight is focused on the inside or outside edge of our feet because of the way our body is shaped. We can have this problem with one foot, or both feet, and the imbalance of weight distribution can go either way – towards the inside or the outside of the foot. On inline skates, these skaters are at a disadvantage because their skate is naturally more on one side. So it's hard to change edges and we must move the knee a greater distance toward the 'high side' to compensate.

    Learn More
  10. Inline boot mount screws 100-pk

    Flat headed boot mount screws M6 with Nylok® Learn More

The subtleties of tweaking. Finding the right frame position, tightening your axels, speed skaters spend countless hours fiddling with their footwear. Few things are more important to an inline speed skater than their skate tool. With it, they find perfect alignment…again, and again and again. Our one-of-a-kind torqueing skate tool stops you from over-tightening your mounting screws and axels, saving you from stripping threads. And with the built-in bearing pull, it’s the only skate tool you need to hone your tweaking skills.