Inline Speed Skates

World's best inline speed skate! At Cádomotus you will find everything you need to skate. But we’re not roller skating here, we’re inline skating. Inline skating in all its forms: Professional speed skating, recreational skating, fitness skating, no matter if it’s skating for sport, fitness or fun, we’ve got complete skate packages that will take your skating to the next level of enjoyment. The Cádomotus name means more comfort, speed, style and functionality, and all our partner brands are truly world-class: Mariani Skates, Bones Bearings and MPC Wheels skate wheels.


Top quality, exceptional service and immediate delivery. You can buy everything you find here through our webstore, or one of our official Cádomotus dealers. Orders over $120 get free shipping for destinations within the EU, or $400 worldwide, always.

Our 100-day guarantee

We are sure that our equipment will take you to another level, going faster and further than most will ever know. If for whatever reason, you’re not happy, let us know within 100 days. We will send you a shipping label and refund you in full for your purchase.

  1. Bones Speed Cream (10 pack)

    Specially designed lubricating race formula makes your bearings faster and extends their life. Learn More
  2. Bones Bearing Cleaning Unit

    Extend the life of your bearings with this easy to use innovation from the company that pioneered it! Learn More
  3. Bones Reds Bulk Pack (200pcs)

    Performance, durability & affordability - in service packs of 200 for volume discounting and savings! Learn More
  4. CadoMotus EXchange 165-195 adapter

    Adapt your clap ice blades to take long-mount inline boots without compromise! Learn More
  5. Skate torque wrench 2-in-1: torx-25
    Out of stock

    Skate torque wrench 2-in-1: torx-25

    Out of stock

    The must-have tool for all skate bags, this wrench will ensure you don’t over-tighten your axels. Learn More
  6. Skate torque wrench 4mm HEX

    The must-have tool for all skate bags, this wrench will ensure you don’t over-tighten your axels. Learn More
  7. Skate wrench 2-in-1 (no torque)

    Regular Price: $13.00

    Speciale prijs $ 7.80

    Ergonomic grip and easy to use. Learn More
  8. Techni-Cords Pk 1

    Set of Techni-cords: specific power and strength training simple enough for beginners Learn More
  9. Techni-Cords Pk 2
    Out of stock

    Techni-Cords Pk 2

    Out of stock

    Set of Techni-cords with 2 hip belts: the most skating specific power and strength training! Learn More
  10. Alpha-Y Aero kids bike helmet


    World’s first aero cycling helmet for children! The Cádomotus Alpha-Y is the bike helmet all kids should be wearing. It provides head protections all the way down to the base of the skull. It’s safe, effective and ready to protect a kid’s head in a kid’s shape in size. Your kids need safety helmets to protect them in nearly every sport. This helmet gives the ultimate protection and it looks cool too! The Alpha-Y is EN1078 certified.

    Learn More
  11. A2 visor for Alpha-2 helmet


    Affordable lenses for your Alpha-2 or Omega Aero helmet. 

    Learn More
  12. Omega Aerospeed inline helmet

    From: $233.35

    To: $317.20

    The Cádomotus Omega inline speedskating helmet keeps you cool and safe when things heat up! Sporting an ultra-lightweight structural core, aero-dynamic design and optimal vents, it’s the ultimate speedskating helmet, no matter which discipline your speedskating passion pursues. 

    Learn More
  13. Integrated HD lenses for Omega Aerospeed | SKY


    The Cádomotus Omega skate helmet has - besides all the specific characteristics you expect in protective head gear – an integrated HD visor. Omega is a helmet and goggles all in one. Nearly all skaters wear glasses to prevent eyes tears at high speeds, particularly those on skating on natural ice whose tears tend to freeze! If you wear glasses, you use them to see more detail. But these glasses, they give you something extra.

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  14. Alpha Aerospeed inline helmet

    From: $174.20

    To: $194.38

    This aerodynamic speed skating helmet offers the performance of top-end time trial helmets in the streamlined competition format. It’s even got an option to close the vents to protect yourself in cold weather – which boosts the aerodynamics. This inline helmet comes as a package with a visor of your preferred lens color and an optional aero shield. The Cádomotus Alpha Aerospeed helmet is popular for 300m, 500m or 1000m sprint distances on the track.

    Learn More
  15. Alpha-Y inline Aero kids and junior helmet


    The Cádomotus Alpha-Y Aero helmet - the safe, snug and secure multi-discipline skate helmet for kids!

    • It’s Ultra-Strong protecting the back of the head and temple from falls in any direction
    • It’s Ultra-Cool and Ultra-Form-Fitting with advanced Aero Time Trial ventilation and a 3 part liner for a snug fit
    • It’s Ultra-Diverse for Inline track racing, 300m & 500m sprints, ice skating, and cycling
    • It’s the worry-free all-around skate helmet for your child.
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  16. Cádomotus Delta inline speed helmet


    Cádomotus Delta inline speed helmet is our race proven team helmet. Its so light & comfortable you forget you actually have one on! This great looking and lightweight racing helmet is used by our top level Dutch, French & Italian team skaters. Great for road and track skating, especially mid summer or in South European, American or Asian countries. This helmet proves that a top class helmet doesn’t need to be expensive. Its super light and offers a great ft & comfort. Cádomotus style.

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  17. Versatile sports bag for inline skaters


    This pack is a winner. It will take you anywhere and everywhere. It’s the most versatile sports bag on the market, hence it’s name. The only backpack you’ll need if you’re a skater. Lots and lots of storage and a separate place for all your main items.

    • Large capacity: 35 liters
    • Adjustable shoulder and hip straps
    • Collapsible shoe or wheel pouch, separate skate and drink bottle pockets
    • Easy-access accessory pockets on top and an internal zippered pocket for your wallet
    • Multifunctional 2 compartment for wet & dry separation, ventilated wet compartment
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  18. Airflow skate backpack


    Simply the best made, most functional skate bag in the sport. Lightweight inline skate backpack that takes ice or inline skates and all the gear you can fit inside. This is the most functional sports bag for active skaters on the move, with a color palette to customize and coordinate with your skate style.

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  19. Waterflow skate backpack


    Inline, ice, urban or derby – if you skate, you need this sports bag.

    IP64 Waterproof sports bags don’t get better than this. Everything you expect in a strong and solidly built skate backpack that takes all the gear you can fit inside and keeps it dry. Whether you’re racing on the track or jamming in the rink, this is the dryest, most functional skate bag for active skaters on the move, with a color that reflects your skate style.

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