Inline Speed Skates

World's best inline speed skate! At Cádomotus you will find everything you need to skate. But we’re not roller skating here, we’re inline skating. Inline skating in all its forms: Professional speed skating, recreational skating, fitness skating, no matter if it’s skating for sport, fitness or fun, we’ve got complete skate packages that will take your skating to the next level of enjoyment. The Cádomotus name means more comfort, speed, style and functionality, and all our partner brands are truly world-class: Mariani Skates, Bones Bearings and MPC Wheels skate wheels.


Top quality, exceptional service and immediate delivery. You can buy everything you find here through our webstore, or one of our official Cádomotus dealers. Orders over $120 get free shipping for destinations within the EU, or $400 worldwide, always.

Our 100-day guarantee

We are sure that our equipment will take you to another level, going faster and further than most will ever know. If for whatever reason, you’re not happy, let us know within 100 days. We will send you a shipping label and refund you in full for your purchase.

  1. The Adaption hilo-5

    New low-profile frame for greater stability and off-the-line speed response. Learn More
  2. Nordic clap frame

    This frame delivers long-track leverage for maximum response from every rode stride. Learn More
  3. World Medalist inline skate
    Out of stock

    World Medalist inline skate

    Out of stock

    From: $486.20

    To: $1,027.00

  4. Neo Transformer 2-in-1 inline speed skate frame


    Our best value inline speed skate frame for growing skaters. You can get all inline wheel configurations in one pair of inline frames; 4x90 millimeter, 3x100, 4x100 or 3x110 millimeter for those kids that have the skills to handle larger diameter inline wheels.

    Learn More
  5. Bones Reds 16-pk

    Bones REDS™ are the low-price leader offering performance and durability at a fraction of the cost of higher priced bearings. Learn More
  6. Bones Super Reds 16-pk

    High performance Super REDS™ bearings are the best value-priced bearing on the market today. Learn More
  7. Bones REDS Ceramic 16-pk

    High quality ceramic bearings from Bones® at a great price point. Bones Reds ceramic bearings are Faster than any steel ball bearing. Learn More
  8. Bones Swiss 16-pk

    The original Bones Swiss Bearings. Designed by skaters, for skaters. Learn More
  9. Bones Super Swiss 16-pk

    Email for delivery date
    Bones Super Swiss bearings. This unique design features six larger diameter balls instead of the seven balls used in most 608 bearings. The result: higher speed, faster acceleration, greater strength and durability. Learn More
  10. Bones Swiss Ceramic 16-pk

    Email for delivery date
    Bones Swiss Ceramics are in a class by themselves. The Cerbec® ceramic balls are much lighter, harder, stronger, and longer lasting than the finest steel balls. Learn More
  11. Nordic Scout - chassis only
    Out of stock

    Nordic Scout - chassis only

    Out of stock

    Nordic skating in a new dimension: off-road Learn More
  12. Gravity Master ® brakeset
    Out of stock

    Gravity Master ® brakeset

    Out of stock

    Simply the most powerful skate brake-ever Learn More
  13. Nordic Scout skate
    Out of stock

    Nordic Scout skate

    Out of stock

    Off-road skate with 200mm air tires for the ultimate Nordic experience! Learn More
  14. Versatile-2 inline speed skate

    From: $635.70

    To: $1,092.00

    This inline speed skate is for beginners to intermediate skaters. The skate transforms from a 4x100mm into 3x110mm speed skate, or from 4x110mm into 3x125mm. You can have all possible inline skate configurations for the price of just one skate! Beginners start on 4x100mm wheels, then to 3 or 4x110mm and finally on 3 big 125 millimeter wheels for maximum speed!

    If you want to skate on 3x110mm or 3x125mm then add the boot risers in between de frame and the boots.

    Inline speed skate configurator

    • Configure the Cádomotus Versatile skate based on your preferences.
    • The price will adjust according to your selection of frame, wheels and and bearings of choice!


    Learn More
  15. Cádomotus Rookie Resizer Insoles

    An adjustable boot-sizing solution for skaters who've outgrown adjustable skates! The Cádomotus Rookie Resizer insoles are suitable for inline skates and longtrack & short track ice speed skates. Learn More
  16. Cross Country boot with carbon shell base
    Out of stock

    Cross Country boot with carbon shell base

    Out of stock

    Designed for optimal freestyle skating in combination with the XCC binding Learn More
  17. XCC binding

    Our revolutionary XC binding. Learn More
  18. XCC rails

    Rails for boot mounting Learn More
  19. 30% OFF > Rookie JR2 boot GIRL (longmount)

    Regular Price: $260.00

    Speciale prijs $ 182.00

    SELLOUT -30% Second generation of the Rookie racing boot for the girls with 195mm longmount

    Learn More
  20. Replacement laces for Ci1 inline boots

    Waxed laces in the perfect length for your 6 eyelet featured Ci1 skating boots. Learn More