Inline Speed Skates

World's best inline speed skate! At Cádomotus you will find everything you need to skate. But we’re not roller skating here, we’re inline skating. Inline skating in all its forms: Professional speed skating, recreational skating, fitness skating, no matter if it’s skating for sport, fitness or fun, we’ve got complete skate packages that will take your skating to the next level of enjoyment. The Cádomotus name means more comfort, speed, style and functionality, and all our partner brands are truly world-class: Mariani Skates, Bones Bearings and MPC Wheels skate wheels.


Top quality, exceptional service and immediate delivery. You can buy everything you find here through our webstore, or one of our official Cádomotus dealers. Orders over $120 get free shipping for destinations within the EU, or $400 worldwide, always.

Our 100-day guarantee

We are sure that our equipment will take you to another level, going faster and further than most will ever know. If for whatever reason, you’re not happy, let us know within 100 days. We will send you a shipping label and refund you in full for your purchase.

  1. Ci Pro 1 Propulsive inline skate

    From: $926.90

    To: $1,545.70

    This inline speed skating package will help you maximize your speed, power and confidence on your skates. The Ci Pro 1 Propulsive set up is everything you’d expect in a fully integrated speed skate. The skate that brings together Cádomotus’ premier race boots with its legendary DualBox®5 frame, the Ci Pro 1 Propulsive is high-performance redefined.

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  2. DualBox®5 3x125

    Simply the most advanced aluminium inline chassis for 125mm wheels Learn More
  3. DualBox®5 4x110


    Simply the most advanced aluminium inline chassis available.

    What are the differences between the Cádomotus 4x110 T-5 and dualbox-5 inline frames? You find the answer reading this review.

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  4. DualBox®5 4x100

    Regular Price: $234.00

    Speciale prijs $ 193.70

    Simply the most advanced aluminium inline chassis available Learn More
  5. World Medalist inline skate
    Out of stock

    World Medalist inline skate

    Out of stock

    From: $486.20

    To: $1,027.00