Order a helmet in your club- or team colors

Maybe all of you are wearing the same jackets, jerseys or outfits, but you can now complete it with a helmet in your team colors. Your helmet may be one of, if not the, most outstanding items of your outfit. That’s why Cádo Motus offers you to design your own.

What can you adjust on yours?

  • The Alpha helmet has an aero shield that comes in 12 different colors. If none of those matches with your outft, we can spray them in a specific color. Your logos will be added with thin decals. You can also get a logo or design to go on the sides of the helmet. Find the options below.
  • The Alpha-Y is our kids helmet and available in four colors. There’s room for your logo all over this helmet; on the top or the sides.
  • The Omega Aero is available in five colors. Black, white, red, blue and grey. Again, there’s room for your logo or sponsor names all over the helmet.
  • If you purchase a minimum of 5 helmets, you will be able to order them in a unique color. The delivery time may vary between 2 and 3 months depending on the moment you place the order.
  • You are free to design your own or we can help you make one. Find below two images that illustrate the different coloring options: A to F.

More benefits:

  • All Cádo Motus helmet come with a Crash Replacement warranty. You will receive 50% off of a new helmet after a crash.
  • Our Alpha, Alpha-Y and Omega Aero helmets are all officially certified to be used for iceskating, inline skating, cycling and mountainbiking! 

Contact us to get your offer!

Interested in a helmet with your team colors? Watch the video's below or request your free quotation with us now. The price will depend on the amount of helmets, the size of the logo and the amount of colors used in the design.

Our decals are of industrial quality and comparable to applications in the bicycle industry. The transfers are very thin and are cured in the oven after sticking. This results in a wear-resistant logo on your helmet or aeroshield that seems printed rather than stickered!

Custom options for Alpha semi-custom Aero helmets

The only Aero helmet that always matches your kit: Cádo Motus Alpha. Checkout the video below

Custom options for Omega Aero helmet or Delta cycling helmet

Imagine one Aero helmet to carry over between different endurance sports. We did and designed the Cádo Motus Omega Aero helmet. Checkout the video below and find all custom options for the Omega helmet.