Sports Gear Bags

One water resistant sports gear bag for all sports you play.

The Cádomotus Airflow, Waterflow and Versatile sports bags were originally invented for ice and inline speed skaters, but soon were discovered as a water resistant gear bag by cyclists and mountainbikers and used as a transition bag by triathletes. Our sports gear bags feature practical storage options for cycling shoes and helmet, together with all your other stuff.


Are you looking for a real inline skate backpack? You found it! Whether you’re a professional or city-cruiser with your urban skates, with this skate backpack you’ll have everything you need with you. Style, quality and functionality is what you can expect from Cádomotus. Buy one of our skate backpacks at one of our dealers or order it at


The Cádomotus sports backpacks are perfect for cyclists. Handy and fashionable. 

  1. Versatile cycling bag & triathlon transition bag


    Versatile cycling gear bag and triathlon transition bag for triathletes. A water resistant backpack for all your bike gear with multifunctional 2 compartment interior for wet & dry separation.

    • Large capacity 35 liter
    • Adjustable shoulder and hip straps
    • Collapsible wet pouch for shoes or wetsuit
    • Separate, run or bike shoe pockets and detachable drink bottle pockets
    • Easy-access accessory pockets on top and internal zippered pocket for your wallet
    • Ventilated wet compartment

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  2. Versatile Friends Pack

    A 'friends pack' for the real Cádomotus advocates. Get 15% of when buying 3 bags, or 25% off when buying 5 bags when you have a lot of friends. Do you have even more friends? No problem, we offer 35% discount when you purchase 10 bags! Learn More
  3. Versatile triathlon bag TORQ edition

    Regular Price: $168.35

    Speciale prijs $ 129.35

    The Cadomotus Versatile bag is not just a triathlon backpack but also:

    - a skate bag for speedskaters;
    - a gear bag for cyclists;
    - and a gym bag for any sports enthusiast!

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Looking for a water resistant backpack to bring to or on all your sporty activities?

Handy, ergonomic, spacious, waterproof, detailed and durable. The Cádomotus Waterflow, Airflow and Versatile backpack are perfect for cyclists, skaters and triathletes.

Undestroyable: The Cádomotus Versatile.

10 years ago we introduced the Cádomotus IP64 Waterproof backpack. It's that same one, the very first one, that athletes still carry their skates in today. The Versatile is a new, further developed version of that backpack. Even more spacious and even more seperated storage possibilities for cycling shoes, skates, helmets, running shoes, wet and dry clothes. All your main items will have their own space and you will be more organised than ever.

Unbelievably light and ergonomic: The Cádomotus Airflow.

The Cádomotus Airflow and Waterflow backpacks are provided with a lightweight aluminium frame that will divide the pressure on your back and shoulders evenly, which makes it feel light like a feather and comfortable to work out with. The firm but soft and therefore comfortable hip strap makes these backpacks very bike friendly. All straps are adjustable, so it has the capability to have the perfect fit on anyone.

The Cáomotus backpacks have been the best selling accessory for years. For skaters, but also cyclists, triathletes and urban skaters. In two versions, a super light backpack and a waterproof bag. Durable, comfortable, functional and fashionable. With special sections for specific gear.

What to pay attention to when buying a sports pack?

  • Durable material. Protect your belongings.
  • Multi-purpose. You will want to use it for all of your activities. Sports and leisure.
  • The interior of the bag. Cádomotus bags have compartments for clean clothes, sweaty clothes, expensive gadgets and all other accessories. Everything safe and within reach.
  • Comfort. A proper back pack has a hip strap which will relief the shoulders, is adjustable, has good ventilation so you don’t sweat more than you need to and has a durable lining so the backpack stays sturdy and comfortable.