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Cádomotus Affiliate Program

22 Sep 2020

Do you want to start a partnership with Cádomotus and generate an extra monthly income?

Partner up with Cádomotus and make extra money as a publisher with your website, blog or social media outlets! It’s easy, fast and it’s hardly any effort at all. Sign up for our affiliate program as an individual athlete, team or club and earn up to a 15% commission for every product that is sold. This can add up pretty quickly and can provide for a lucrative extra income. Put a Cádomotus banner or text link on your website and start making money.

To make this happen, Cádomotus works together with Tapfiliate. Tapfiliate is a tracking software that easily enables and controls billing, commissions, promotional material and campaigns. Tapfiliate makes sure that you get your money.

For you as a publisher Affiliate Marketing is a powerful tool to make extra money for yourself, team or club. You can do this by sending leads to our website. The more followers or website visits you have, the higher the profit will be. It is super easy. When you write an interesting article for your website and mention one or more Cádomotus products, those products will get a link (with a tracking code) to the Cádomotus website. When a reader orders one of the products on our website within a certain amount of time (our cookie duration is 30 days), you will get your commission.

How does it work?

You can sign up as a publisher for our affiliate partner program. After you’ve been approved, you can use the promotional materials that we offer you. You can also use text links in articles that you write about our products. You have to publish these articles on your own website, social media account or other outlets.
You earn up to a 15% commission when a visitor ends up on our website through your article or blog post and buys a product. It is as simple as that.

Sign up as an affiliate partner

Step 1: Fill out our application form here

Step 2: Cádomotus approves your application. As soon as you are accepted as a partner in our affiliate program, you can select and use our banners and other promotional materials. You will also get information on how to use effective links in your texts. The codes you need for those links you will get automatically through Tapfiliate. Fast and easy!

Step 3: We are in business! When one of your visitors orders a product through your website or social media outlet, you will get your commission. Tapfiliate will take care of the payment of the total commission amount.

Question and answer

Can I only use a banner or can I also link directly to the products on your website?

You can put our entire assortment or a part of our collection on your website. It is entirely up to you. When a customer clicks on one of our products through your website and buys something, you will receive up to 15% of the sales amount. This will happen automatically.

Will I get stuck in a contract?

No, you can end the partnership immediately whenever you want. The partnership will end right away. You can also take the banners off your website and the partnership will stop automatically. There are no obligations.

What’s the catch?

Don’t worry, there is no catch. Tapfiliate and Cádomotus are renowned and leading companies in their industries. Orders that are placed on the Cádomotus website are carefully registered and are always transparent for you. You can see what’s been sold through your own login account. Your commission up to 15% of the total sales will be transferred to you on a fixed day.

Do you accept all websites?

No, Cádomotus has the right to refuse websites. We select our partners on the quality of their content on their website or social media outlets. The most important selection criteria are:

• Solid and clear content
• Knowledge of affiliate products
• Visitors/followers engagement
• Focus on providing reliable information instead of selling

Is this a unique concept?

No, definitely not. Renowned sports brands like Nike and even the world’s biggest internet retailer Amazon.com are using this principle and concept.

If you have more questions about our partner program and/or Cádomotus, you can contact us at [email protected] or call +31 (0) 38 460 8104.

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