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If you experience a problem with your Cádo Motus product, our authorized dealers are equipped and trained to solve most technical issues, including boot molding and warranty repairs. Please note that in the event of any dispute, as a consumer your first point of contact should be with the Cádo Motus retailer. However, in the event that you require advice or assistance from Cádo Motus and for any other enquiries, you may contact us direct per email or phone.

Visiting address (by appointment only):

Rondweg 60E
8091XK Wezep


Cádo Motus booth at the Europacup in Germany

You can find us at several events that we attend thoughout the year, such as the European inline cup races in Trois Piste - France, Gross Gerau Germany, or during the Holland Cup in Heerde. We are often presented with a booth at European or Worldcup events or at cycling and triathlon events arond Europe,