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Cádo Motus EXchange 165-195 adapter


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Adapt your clap ice blades to take long-mount inline boots without compromise!

Cádo Motus EXchange 165-195 adapter is available for purchase in increments of 1


The Cádo Motus adapter allows you to mount any long-mount inline boot onto a clap ice blade without compromising the for/aft position of the boot on the blade.

Typical mount spacing for inline boots is 195mm and does not match with the shorter mounting for clap ice blades. Inline boots have the front mounting point about right above the clap hinge point whereas ice speedskating boots have their front mount about 35mm backward.

1. Screw the adapter to the inline boot first at the front mount position
2. Then screw the clap system bridge to the adapter
3. Last step is to fix the rear mount thru the bridge and the adapter

Additional Information

Frame Alloy No
Deck height (mm) No
Mount spacing No
Boot shell construction No
Wheel setup No
Boot moldability No
Boot degree of stiffness No
Blade steel No


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Customer Reviews

  • Practical and versatile
    Review by Davidon 3/31/2017
    These adapters are light and nicely finished, and are only 4,5mm thick. They make it easy to try out LT clap blades with existing 195mm boots. I also tested them without any problems on inline and ST skate setups, where potential boot height and stiffness issues are less critical.

    As bolts are often too long or too short, I calculated the correct bolt lengths first. The adjustment possibilities with this system are endless, so assembly needs some patience and is easier in stages: 1) adapter-boot (front bolt), 2) blade/frame-adapter-boot (long rear bolt), 3) blade/frame-adapter (short bolt), 4) final adjustment.