May 30th, 2007

In Cross-country (XC) skiing, the Nordic Norm method of binding the boot to the ski–using a front-only binding–has evolved in various modern bindings. Today's NNN, SNS Profil and SNS Pilot binding systems are all subtle variants of the Nordic Norm using semi-soft boots and pivot axes to achieve desired levels of ski control and plantar flexion–while remaining largely incompatible with each other. The "skating" or "free" technique of cross-country, the fastest and most effective movement pattern, has brought about refinements in design of skis and bindings.

Drawing on extensive klapskate, Nordic Blading and Speedskating experience, Cádo Motus has developed a new style of boot and binding for XC free skiing.

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February 12th, 2009

The development of Cádo Motus XCC binding continued this winter, with testing in Trondheim, Norway on the FIS worldcup circuit

Read the report here: Trondheim, Norway Binding Testing on the worldCup track