For five years Crispijn Ariëns skated for the same team, using the same equipment. From today he is a member of team Van Werven, which is supported by Cádomotus. For the Dutch World Champion on the marathon this means he changes gear and starting a new relationship with skate brand Cádomotus.

Wereldkampioen Crispijn Ariens rijdt dit seizoen op CadoMotus skeelers

Is it exciting to switch to a new team after so many years?

Yes it is. It is the first time in my career that I completely changed plans. I’m not sure what to expect, but I am convinced I can learn a lot in this team. I’m really looking forward to work with coach Roy Boeve and to skate together with Gary Hekman. We have been friends for a long time, but never skated in the same team. I’ve had a very warm welcome so far, I can’t wait to start racing with the guys.

You’re racing in the World Champion suit this year. What does that mean to you?
The World marathon championship last year in Oostende was just so perfect for me. Everything worked out, it has been the best moment in my career. I’ve been working so hard to get this victory, but hard work on its own is no garantee. If everything falls into place, you must go for it. I’m glad I did. It feels great to be part of a the select group of World champions. This is the finest victory possible in inline skating.

A new team means new equipment. Is this a big change for you?
I’m used to skate on Powerslide frames and Matter wheels and now I will be skating on CadoMotus DualBox frames and MPC wheels. These first weeks of the season, I will be testing and trying all different MPC wheels. I’m racing Trois Pistes for this reason. I want to know all about the wheels, so when the important races are coming up, I know what to do. In the past I have been using MPC wheels every now and then, which I really liked.

What is your main goal this summer?
Just work hard! Every race I start, I want to go for the victory with our team. We are strong and we can compete with anybody, I strongly believe. We will race some international marathons. European championships will be the main goal, together with the national championships.

What about defending your World title?
The World championships are scheduled for October, when my ice season has started already. So I will be unable to race the World championships, unfortunately.