Sjoerd de Vries reviews Cádo Motus inline framesAbout the Author: Sjoerd de Vries is a Dutch speed skater and medallist on Worldcup, National- and World championships. Next to the occasional inline race he uses his inline skates mainly for training purposes. Throughout the summer season he skates with world-class inline skaters as well, honing his skills.

During my training stage in St. Malo France I had the opportunity to test out the high-end inline frames by Cádomotus The Adaption T-5 4x110 & DualBox®5 4x110. In the French sun I tested both frames on a road course and the inline piste of Rennes. I use Mariani Custom ID inline boots and MPC Red magic with a set of ceramic bearings.

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.. with the frames first time in my hands i can only say one thing: this is a top range product! Not having skated on them yet, i thought the new dualbox® frame should provide you the best available performance on the worldwide market. Everybody knowns Cádo Motus makes the best alumium frame in the world, The dualbox® has shown over the last decade, since it's been unveiled by the Rollerblade World team, that its side pipe was the most innovative and efficient technology in the world.
Known to be the most responsive frame, the dualbox® frame is the ultimate weapon for skaters looking for the finest and highyield product on the market. This latest version 5 is a one piece machined frame, its is the heritage of 10 years of dualbox R&D.

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DualBox® 5: Inside the Design

11/7/2012 3:46 PM

Active Intelligence, it’s the principle that drives Cádo Motus engineers forever forward in pursuit of breakthrough innovation design that enhances the efficiency and power of an inline speedskater’s athletic performance. Untiring dedication to design refinement and utility improvement have established the DualBox® design architecture as a leading platform for inline speed skating frames.

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