Cádo Motus partners with KIA Speed Skating Academy

It is probably one of the best initiatives in years to help ice speed skating grow as a sport. The Kia Speed Skating Acadamy in Inzell, which has opened its doors March 2011, during the World Championships, supports and stimulates skaters from country’s where skating isn’t supported by government or sponsors.

Coaches like Jeremy Wotherspoon and Tristan Loy work with athletes like Benjamin Macé and Harald Silovs, who are chasing his Olympic dream and heading towards Sotchi 2014. The goal of Marnix Wieberink’s project? To help skaters from country’s like France, to have the same professional preparation as skaters from the Netherlands or Norway.

Marnix Wieberdink and Cádo Motus’ owner Diederik Hol have a long history together. Both grew up in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, and where member of the same local speed skating club ‘DNIJ’. Cádo Motus’ sponsored the athletes of the Kia Speed Skating Acadamy by preparing 40 pairs of inline clap skates. All members can work out having the best inline gear available!

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