Pure Speedskating Company refines messaging to leverage brand strength
CadoMotus unveiled its new global marketing strategy, an approach called “CadoMotus Brand Singularity”, which for the first time will unify messaging for the brand under all speed skating disciplines, from inline to ice.
CadoMotus founder Diederik Hol said the strategy extends the global recognition, respect and capitol of the world’s premiere speed skating brand to all products the company owns the technology and intellectual property of. “For many years, we’ve enjoyed a close collaboration with some of the biggest names in the sport, to great mutual success,” said Mr. Hol. “For instance, our work with Paul Marchese, who is perhaps the most famous custom ice boot craftsmen in the USA, has been beneficial to us both. But as we’ve just opened our 40th global market, we’re finding the strength of the CadoMotus badge is among the strongest in the world in terms of immediate recognition. With the brand and company being stronger than ever on the world stage, we’re consolidating all of our branding and messaging to leverage this asset and market position.”
This is an important point when considering the ever-growing nature of competition and new and changing communication technologies. “It's always a situation where you must be your most fit in order to maintain competitive differentiation. The CadoMotus brand has many unique characteristics that set us apart. There is a tangible difference between CadoMotus and other products in the market. All of our products should trade on the strength of the quality and precision we’re known for,” according to Mr. Hol.
He went on to say that too many brands under one organizational structure can create unintended confusion that will ultimately dilute any one brands effectiveness in delivering its message and maintaining its distinctiveness. “Our intelligent design, functional delivery, and persona of personal excellence will come through for inline and ice and all of the associated speedskating disciplines – indoor, road, track, Nordic and downhill inline, and short-track, long-track, world cup and long-distance lake ice with this renewed focus on the CadoMotus brand.”
Effective with the 2016-17 racing season, the new Brand Singularity strategy will extend to the company’s core collection of product, like its inline skates, ice blades, ice boots and crossover helmets. Most immediately, the new branding strategy will be evident with the companies Record 525 and Record 823 ice blades and the ice, inline and cycling crossover Alpha aerospeed helmet.
The CadoMotus Brand Singularity strategy underscores the company’s commitment to the sport of speed skating in all its forms, offering skaters gear to suit their sport, skill, lifestyle, and budget – one the road, track, ice or snow.
On continuing to collaborate with the best minds in the sport, Mr. Hol is quick to make the point that with partnerships like the one CadoMotus has formed with Paul Marchese, he has no intention of going it alone. “What sets CadoMotus apart is our pursuit of perfection. We will continue to partner with those that share our passion for pure speedskating as we’ve defined it. We know no bounds when it comes to bringing the greatest minds and talents into our circle, to push the limits of speed and intelligent motion ever forward.”