What is MTECH?

MTECH is the name of a proprietary wheel technology owned and developed by MPC (Mearthane Products Corporation in the USA). MTECH wheels are responsible for setting World-beating times, taming the toughest and fastest tracks, and helping put skaters on countless podiums since 2004.

MPC market MTECH technology as the 'Soft Heart, Hard Body' - the essence of the company's patents which keep MPC wheels leading the competition. Soft heart, Hard body is literally how the MTECH tire is constructed. The tire of an MTECH wheel is made up of a soft inner (62A shore hardness in the most resilient material found in any wheel), beneath a durable outer material (80+A shore hardness in a durable, surface hugging urethane).

A soft inner, with a hard outer ('Soft Heart, Hard Body') - that's MTECH engineering, and its built into every set of MPC Speed Wheels. The reason MPC wheels perform so well and have raised the bar on inline skate wheel performance (not just in Speed, but in Hockey too) is combination of the MTECH principle, engineering, wheel design & materials.

You can see the range of MPC Speed Wheels online at cadomotus.com, and learn more in Part 2 of the series on MPC Speed Wheels and MTECH Technology.