Elurra & Skate, is a young company managed by owners with a long inline skating experience. Both Iñaki Hernández and Sara Sánchez have shared 12 years of management at the front of the official skating federation for their province. During these years they have introduced and continuously promoted inline skating in their area. In order to achieve their goals they established an official skating school. The entitled coaches of the school teach many adults and children; learning and improving their skating skills year after year.
Moreover, their passion for inline speed skating has also encouraged them to manage a small and popular sportive club in the present as well. They have been involved in coaching the top level skating club Marianistas in the past.
Victory in SpainAlmost three years ago they decided to take a step forward in business. A retail store Elurra & skate was established, a specialized store with mainly skates and accessories. Since then their business has grown thanks, for great part thanks to a successful relationship with the Cádomotus, a great range of products and CEO: Diederik Hol.
Now Iñaki, Sara and Elurra&Skate are in good position to offer Cádomotus a more support in Spain and take the growth of Cádo Motus as a brand to the next level. Thanks to Elurra all In-Gravity stores such as in Madrid, Valencia, Vitoria and Santander are now Expert Cádomotus dealers offering wide range of product from the Rookie skates to the popular skate bags.
An important role in achieving the goals is their friend Fernando Mejia who makes great efforts in promotion. Fernando is already representing the Cádomotus colors as a recent member of the international team and his network results in a larger presence of Cádomotus top skaters in Spain.

Fernando Mejia in Spain